Rahm Israel Emanuel
Rahm Emanuel.PNG
Mayor Emanuel
Political Party: Democratic Party
Education: Sarah Lawrence Collage
Religion Judaism
Born November 29 1959

Rahm Israel Emanuel (/'ra:m/; born November 29 1959) is an American politician who serves as the 55th Mayor of Chicago.[1]

Emanuel was Senior Adviser under former President Bill Clinton from 1993-1998.

Emanuel was the 23rd White House Chief of Staff under President Barack Obama from 2009-2010.

On September 11 2012 (The Eleventh Anniversary of 9/11) an article was published about Emanuel's School reforms in Chicago.[2]

In February of 2016. Emanuel announced that he would plan to charge Downtown Chicago developers more & spend money on poor neighborhoods.[3]

Emanuel says that 2016 Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump is playing with dark forces.[4]


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