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2016 Presidential Election map (excluding faithless electors)

Red States (People's Republic of Trumpistan) is the term used to describe the states in which the Republican Party got the majority of votes. They are called red states not only because of the red Republican Party, but because they are inhabited primarily by Rednecks. These states are currently lost to the godless imps from the depths of Hell. However, there are small groups of heroes that infiltrate these states and bring the light of truth to the lost souls. These brave few are often patronized by their bullying neighbors, and unfortunately manage to save very few. Until 1996, Republican states were often colored in blue (1992; 1996).

In the Bible Belt Red States the Fundy Christians, who are also Republicans, bully the others.

In and around the State of Utah, Fundy Mormons, who are also Republicans, bully the others.

In the Blue States it's also different. There's the sensible folk who would never let fundy proselytes force themselves onto others.

List of Red States

  1. Bold denotes a state that traditionally votes Republican but is considered a Swing state due to close polls.
  2. Italics denotes a state that has voted Democrat at least once since 1992, but polls from 2000-onward are heavily-favored Republican. Elections of which they voted Democrat are shown in Parenthesis ().

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