A red dwarf.

A Red dwarf is a type of star that is smaller and cooler than our sun. The majority of stars are Red dwarfs though relatively few are known. Red dwarf stars are relatively cool and faint so astronomers can only pick them up within a hundred Light years or so of the Solar System. The nearest star to the Solar System is Proxima Centauri and that star is also a Red dwarf. Barnard's Star is also a nearby red dwarf star.

Gliese 581 is also a relatively nearby red dwarf star. Gliese 581 is significant because it has at least 3 planets. Two of these planets, Gliese 581 c and Gliese 581 d are in or near the habitable zone. Life is possible there. See Habitability of red dwarf systems. Even if there is no life round Gliese 581 other red dwarf stars may sustain life. A life sustaining planet orbiting a Red Dwarf will probably be like Aurelia.

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