Renewable energy

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Studies show: Windmill Breakthrough could be cheaper and more productive than nuclear energy.

Renewable energy is energy that comes from a renewable energy source and therefore won't be depleted by using it, nor will it add to Global warming by releasing additional greenhouse gases.

Examples of renewable energy

A renewable energy source is a source of energy that naturally renews itself, such as wind farms or dams. The Sun is a renewable source of energy as is wave power, Tidal Power and wind power. There are ways of collecting solar energy and using it as a Power source. It is the only safe nuclear reactor. Biomass is another source of renewable power that comes indirectly from the sun.

Some, methods of renewable energy are inconsistent, for example, wind energy via windmills relies on there being wind constantly which rarely occurs. Solar energy can take a hit when there is cloud cover but in sunny climates solar power is reliable. For these types of renewable power backups are needed but other forms of renewable power like hydroelectricity and tidal power are consistent and reliable.

Geothermal Energy is technically not a renewable source as it involves the Earth cooling, but we'd have to use an awful lot of it to make a difference there, so it is usually counted as renewable.

Using renewable energy

Almost everyone can make use of some renewable energy, and often it is cheaper than the alternatives. Other times renewable energy gets government subsidies though selfish, rich conservatives don't like paying Progressive taxation to pay for those subsidies.

Walking, Cycling and drying clothes on a washing line are for most people easy and most cost-effective ways to use renewable energy.


Political measures to promote renewable energy can be as local as your town hall and its planning rules, which can range from as negative as not allowing solar panels, or drying clothes in the open air or as positive as requiring new developments to include renewable energy.

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