Ireland - Éire
Ireland flag.png
Official Name: Irish Republic/Republic of Ireland
Government: Parliamentary Republic
President: Michael D. Higgins
Taoiseach (PM): Leo Varadkar (FG)

(The Republic of) Ireland (Irish Gaelic: Éire) is the part of the island of Ireland which is independent of the United Kingdom. Though commonly referred to as the "Republic of Ireland" to avoid confusion between the state and the island, Ireland's legal title is simply "Ireland".


Ireland became a sovereign Republic on the 29th of December 1937, succeeding the Irish Free State, a state that came about after the Wars of Independence with the British. The majority of the province of Ulster, known as Northern Ireland, elected to remain a part of the United Kingdom.

Modern Ireland

According to the Human Development Index, the Republic of Ireland is the 7th most developed country in the world and 3rd in Europe, after Norway and the Netherlands. Irish people who aren't abuse victims are happy but they harm the planet. [1]

In some respects Ireland is Liberal, they allow Gay marriage but in other respects Ireland remains Conservative. In May 2018, Ireland overturned a ban on abortion and had previously legalized same-sex marriage. The Irish courts even briefly legalized meth and ecstasy for some reason. [2]

Roman Catholic Church

The Roman Catholic Church is strong in the Irish Republic but weaker than it was in the past. There have been reports of serious abuse towards vulnerable children and adults. Only a small minority of Irish RC priests are/were abusers but too many were enablers, similar to the American police's blue wall.

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