Professor Dawkins shows us how to properly deal with religious people

Richard Dawkins is an outspoken evolutionary biologist, atheist, and liberal. He has been smeared by creationists and fascists but he bravely mocks irrational religious belief with hard facts and Logic. He is a master debater, and so creationists worldwide hate him.


Dawkins states that Stalin's atheism is no more responsible for genocide than the fact that Stalin had a mustache. Dawkins also points to the fact that Hitler was Christian and Al-Qaeda are Muslim, adding that their religious convictions led them to murder where Stalin murdered because of an ideology and because he was insane.

Opposing Religion

Dawkins acknowledges that atheism is not a cure-all for hatred and murder, he is liberal and is therefore realistic. He doesn't live in the simple clear-cut black and white world of Conservatives but he believes that atheism is a step in the right direction because it eliminates an excuse for hatred and removes a powerful tool for fermenting fanaticism. Dawkins acknowledges that extremist ideologies such as Fascism, Racism and Stalinist Communism can also be used to justify hatred. Dawkins had this to say about religion: "Whether religion is present or not, Good people will always do good things, evil people will always do evil things. But for good people to do evil things; that takes religion".

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