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Richard John Santorum
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Mr. Santorum
Political party: Republican
Education: Pennsylvania State University, University Park

University of Pittsburgh Dickinson School of Law

Religion Roman Catholicism
Born May 10, 1958

Rick "Frothy" Santorum (b. May 10, 1958) is the previous Republican senator of Pennsylvania. He tried to run for president in 2012 and won the Iowa Caucus as well as the Colorado and Missouri Caucuses and the Minnesota Primary. He is an incredibly stupid, Homophobic, Global-warming denialist, wants to invade Iran, borderline supports SOPA and hates poor people. How he ever got elected into any position is a wonder. Santorum believes that homosexuality leads to Bestiality, supports unification of Church and State and opposes contraception and sex outside of marriage. He's like something from the middle ages. He also compared gay marriage to 9/11[1]

Like Gingrinch or Romoney he is an extreme Hypocrite. He once tried to pass a bill that says you can sue up till 250k for medical malpractice. But then he and his wife sued for 500k

Rick Santorum thinks that women whose lives are endangered by continuing a pregnancy should die rather than have an Abortion. Yes there are some extremists who care more about an unborn fetus than about an adult woman perhaps with children. A problem was, when his own wife faced death unless labor was induced before the fetus was viable she was more precious to him than the wives of other men so he agreed to a termination. See Rick Santorum’s Anti-Abortion Politics Would Have Killed His Own Wife (Updated).