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In an attempt to spread Bush hatred without mentioning his name, it is common for liberals to lie and say "we're in this economic mess because of the policies over the previous eight years." This is a myth, perpetuated by the corrupt in order to link bad economics with Conservatism and Bush policy. These liberals are the very same individuals that would not recognize George W. Bush's economic successes when the economy was creating jobs. Bush, McCain, Alan Greenspan are all on record as trying to fix the corrupt lending policies and government mismanagement for the past eight years. [35] All the while Democrats were lining their pockets with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac donations. Democrats are overwhelming responsible if they should point fingers. Democrats Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, John Kerry, Charles Schumer and even Barack Obama are as much, if not directly, indirectly responsible for the failed economics of this country over the past eight-years. The same people who got us into this mess are now responsible for getting us out of financial meltdown. Blame can go all around on this one, both Republicans and Democrats. This was the result of many bad decisions over a long period of time. Then out of nowhere, financial calamity that nobody saw coming, except congressmen and women who were privy to bank collapses. They made good money while the rest of America suffered. [36]

“ The truth of the matter; Bush-era 4.5% unemployment, Obama-era will it go higher than 10%

Why America is hated

The myth liberals give says we need to restore America's image in the world. Again, this mostly has to do with liberals' negative view of President Bush. Liberals want the two linked even though the myth is false. They blame Bush and Iraq for the bad USA image but the truth is that the credibility of the American left is a worse image than America's image abroad. The main need for liberals to propagate this myth is the fact that socialist governments of Europe oppose the policy of Iraq. This further fuels liberals' political agenda to remove Republicans from power. Liberals love Europeans and cite their false socialist utopia at every chance. European opposition automatically reinforces their belief that America's image is damaged. As of 2008, most of the European leaders that opposed Iraq are no longer in positions of power. The result, European conservatives were elected who publicly aligned themselves with America.

Those liberals that use the myth and regularly bash the USA are often called the "Blame America First" crowd. Though they never seem to mention that America gives more in donations, in total dollars, than any other country on Earth. [32] A sure way to change America's image in the world is to show the world we respect life. The repeal of Roe Vs. Wade would be a start.

Reasons why America was hated prior to 2003 include wealth, women's rights, support for our democratic ally Israel, democratic government, capitalist economy and exporting immorality.


The liberal belief that an individual can claim to support our military, just not the mission and still be considered a 'Patriot'. In fact, the exact opposite is the truth. A liberals patriotism, party-specific position, cannot support the troops if they are an a impediment to their political left-wing strategy. The main reason for this has to due with passionate, partisan hatred for our current commander n chief, the President of the United States of America. Liberals claim to support the military, claim not to support the mission and refuse to support the Commander. The extremist left discounts the counter effect of troop morale. Understanding the true liberal mindset when it comes to supporting our U.S. troops, observe the often tried protest march. Though frustration boils over, actions lead from protest to outright sabotage or anarchism. [27] Liberal credibility fails and lack of concern for the support of America shows. The left-wing cares so much for our military they condone and actually prop up politicians that abuse troops with reckless accusations [28], negative media coverage and ego trips [29]. Liberal protesters look the other way as war memorials are vandalized. Liberals protest our severely injured soldiers at the Walter Reed Medical Center.[30] Liberal protesters harass, damage or block military recruitment centers from operating business as-usual. [31] This leftwing position, the myth is successful in feeding media driven discontent and mediocrity shame. If the news is bad, a liberal is spoon fed. If the news is good, the spoon fed liberal is oblivious. e.g. "a complete suspension of disbelief".

Patriotism, to your brother, who volunteers and risks the ultimate sacrifice out of love, will never be diminished. True patriots will always be in our gratitude and held in the highest light.

From Theory of Evolution

"All of the greatest intellectuals and scientists in history, from Archimedes to Aristotle to St. Augustine to Francis Bacon to Isaac Newton to Lord Kelvin proposed and accepted an evolutionary process for a species to transform into a more complex version." [3]

"Although Darwin is most well known regarding the beginnings of the evolutionary position, evolutionary ideas were taught by the ancient Greeks as early as the 7th century B.C." [4]

From Liberal hypocrisy

George Clooney, actor

Hearing that fellow actor and guns-rights advocate, Charlton Heston, suffers from Alzheimers disease, he said:

"I don't care. Charlton Heston is the head of the National Rifle Association. He deserves whatever anyone says about him."

Clooney starred in the film The Peacemaker, in which he played an American military man defending the country from a nuclear attack; scenes in the film showed him using a gun to defend himself and others.[5]

(yes, that's right—CP is criticizing an actor for acting)

From Kangaroo

"origins theory model used by young earth creation scientists, modern kangaroos are the descendants of the two founding members of the modern kangaroo baramin that were taken aboard Noah's Ark prior to the Great Flood. It has not yet been determined by baraminologists whether kangaroos form a holobaramin with the wallaby, tree-kangaroo, wallaroo, pademelon and quokka, or if all these species are in fact apobaraminic or polybaraminic.

After the Flood, these kangaroos bred from the Ark passengers migrated to Australia. There is debate whether this migration happened over land[6] with lower sea levels during the post-flood ice age, or before the supercontinent of Pangea broke apart[7] The idea that God simply generated kangaroos into existence there is considered by most creation researchers to be contra-Biblical. " [6]

From Joseph McCarthy

". . . anti-McCarthy historians have credited and celebrated Murrow as playing a major role in damaging Senator McCarthy's campaign to remove security risks from the U.S. government." and "The resolution condemning Senator McCarthy has been criticized as a ridiculous attempt to silence the strongest voice in the Senate investigating security and loyalty risks in the U.S. government."

"Beginning in 1950, McCarthy became the most visible public figure to stand up to Communist infiltration of the United States government. He is now considered an American hero by many, though liberals still seek to tarnish his name."

How exactly does going after the army make you a hero?

From Examples of Bias in Wikipedia

  1. Wikipedia promotes suicide with 21,544 entries that mention this depravity, including many entries that feature it (Conservapedia will not provide citations to the more depraved entries on this subject at Wikipedia as Conservapedia affirms the sanctity of life). For example, Wikipedia referred to it needlessly in the very first sentence of distinguished jurist Henry Friendly's entry,[5] and Wikipedia's entry about Zerah Colburn ended with a claim that his distant nephew committed suicide.[6] After this criticism appeared here, these two entries were fixed (and in the case of Friendly, reinstated before being fixed again); there has been no system-wide removal of this bias on Wikipedia. In yet another example, Wikipedia has an entry for "suicide by cop"[7] to discuss attacking a police officer to provoke a suicide, citing an unpublished PhD thesis at an obscure university. [7]

Well should Wikipedia prevent people knowing when someone has committed suicide? Knowing what causes suicide can help prevent it.

I have gone to the site and fixed it.

From Al Gore

In 1988 Gore courted the support of "liberal" activist Fred Phelps of the Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas. In appreciation for Phelps help and support of Gore, Phelps was provided tickets to the inauguration of President Clinton in 1992 and 1996.

Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Church have been the subject of much controversy for several years, having acquired a reputation for hosting the infamous anti-homosexual, "God Hates Fags" website.

Conservapedia includes obviously photoshopped pictures of Gore with Phelps. In truth, the two have never met. Does this break American libel laws?

From Dinosaur

Young Earth Creationists believe, from the biblical account, that dinosaurs were created on day 6 of the creation week[5] approximately 6,000 years ago, along with other land animals, and therefore co-existed with humans. As such, they reject the Theory of Evolution and the beliefs of evolutionary scientists about the age of the earth.

They believe that dinosaurs lived in harmony with other animals in the Garden of Eden, eating only plants[6]; that pairs of each dinosaur kind were taken onto Noah's Ark during the Great Flood and were preserved from drowning[7]; that many of the fossilized dinosaur bones originated during the mass killing of the Flood[8]; and that possibly some descendants of those dinosaurs taken aboard the Ark are still around today.[9]

They use spurious archaeological, fossil, and documentary evidence to argue that dinosaurs co-existed with mankind until at least relatively recent times.

God makes fun of animals

The Platypus is ridiculous. Other animals like some rats also look ridiculous to humans. This shows that God has a sense of humour. Alternatively God put ridiculous animals onto Earth because in some unspecified way they warn sinners about possible damnation. [8]

(so a loving god would intentionally mutilate animals for the amusement of humans? Why?)

From Atheism

Some have asserted that atheists do not exist. In regards to a biblical statement on atheism Sir Francis Bacon stated in his essay Of Atheism the following regarding atheism: “ The Scripture saith, The fool hath said in his heart, there is no God; it is not said, The fool hath thought in his heart; so as he rather saith it, by rote to himself, as that he would have, than that he can thoroughly believe it, or be persuaded of it....It appeareth in nothing more, that atheism is rather in the lip, than in the heart of man. ”

In addition, Christian philosophers and apologists Dr. Cornelius Van Til and Dr. Greg Bahnsen argued there are no atheists and that atheists are actively suppressing their belief and knowledge of God and enigmatically engage in self-deception.

From Homosexuality

"In respect to homosexuality and mental health, studies have long indicated that homosexuals have a substantially greater risk of suffering from psychiatric problems (suicide, depression, bulimia, antisocial personality disorder, and substance abuse)" Wikipedia shouldn't talk about suicide but Conservapedia can. Really? Who did these biased studies? Conservative Christians?

From Pornography

Pornography provides the illusion of intimacy, [3] but this is a satanic trap (see sexual addiction). Pornography consumption is not something that can easily be stopped. Once the appetite for it has developed, it actually increases. In his 1988 study Pornography Effects: Empirical and Clinical Evidence, Victor Cline, then with the University of Utah's Department of Psychology noted that studies show pornography is progressive and addictive for many. It often leads to the user acting out his fantasy - often on children. [1] The Internet is the "crack cocaine" of sexual addiction. [2]

Due to a series of liberal decisions beginning with the Warren Court, pornography is aggressively sold and distributed in the United States without meaningful law enforcement. It is a $12 billion industry that affects and harms 40 million Americans. Pornography destroys relationships and exploits young people.[5][6]

Relationships must be specially bad in the Bible Belt because they buy more porn there than in other parts of the United States. [9] Come to think of it relationships are bad there.

From Sin

Sin is any failure to conform to the letter of a given code of morality, or the state of being of one so failing to conform, or the state of the world that results from such failure.

Only by trusting in Jesus Christ as God's offer of forgiveness, can we be saved after sinning.

From Liberal myths

Liberal myths are heavily promoted falsehoods motivated by a liberal belief system.[1] They include:

  • The claim that the population has increased by a large amount, and human beings are beginning to overpopulate. (This myth is an attempt to justify abortions)
  • The claim that people today are more knowledgeable than in prior centuries.
  • The claim that the Bush tax cuts substantially reduced 2006 revenues and expanded the budget deficit.
  • The claim that the Bush tax cuts have not helped the economy.
  • Anthropogenic Global warming. [1]
  • The claim that a fetus is not a living human being.
  • The claim that gun control reduces crime.
  • The claim that abortion and breast cancer are unrelated.
  • The claim that gambling financially benefits state school systems [2]
  • The claim to support the rights of women, never mention the oppressed women in Muslim countries. [3]
  • The claim that the media is not biased toward the liberal agenda.
  • The claim that enabling oil drilling will not reduce long-term energy prices. [4]
  • The claim that enabling oil drilling will not provide energy security.[5]
  • The claim that same-sex couple adoptions can replace the love from a mother and a father. [6]
  • The claim that an individuals sexual preference needs to be a protected civil right. [7]
  • That there is a vast right-wing conspiracy [8]
  • The claim that opposing the homosexual agenda is bigotry. [9]
  • The claim that the US acted unilaterally in Iraq (The USA and Britain led a 30-nation coalition in Iraq)[10]
  • The claim that President Bush stole the 2000 elections. [11]
  • The claim that President Bush lied about WMD in Iraq to grab oil.
  • The claim that Saddam Hussein was not seeking to buy yellowcake Uranium. [12]
  • The claim that the 9/11 terrorists attacks were an inside job by the USA.
  • The claim that Foreign Intelligence & Surveillance Act (FISA) is for spying on Americans. [13]
  • The claim that bigger government will benefit its' citizens. [14]
  • The claim that military recruits are poor and uneducated. [15] [16] [17]
  • The claim that government run healthcare is better than a capitalist healthcare system. [18]
  • They claim that going on the offense against terrorists creates more terrorists. [19]
  • They claim that terrorism should be handled by law enforcement. [20] [21]
  • They claim that the USA should negotiate with rogue nations and terror groups.
  • They claim that socialism is a better than capitalism.
  • They claim that there is a gene which causes people to be gay, despite the fact that the scientific community rejects this view
  • They claim that humans and apes have a common ancestor
  • They claim that the death penalty does not deter crime, despite the overwhelming evidence showing that the death penalty does deter crime
  • They claim that atheists are just as moral as Christians who regularly go to a church, or, in some cases, claim atheists are morally superior.
  • They claim that all religions teach the same thing.
  • They claim that intelligent design is not a science and has no evidence.
  • They claim that no climatologist or physicist rejects global warming, despite the fact that the founder of The Weather Channel rejects global warming, as do thousands of other scientists.
  • They claim affirmative action works.
  • They claim the Old Testament is immoral.
  • They claim that the Jews aren't the Jews of the Bible.
  • They claim that feminism has no bias.
  • They claim homosexuals do not try to convert heterosexuals.
  • They claim that gay marriage will not result in polygamy also being written into law.
  • They claim that the Bible is fictional.
  • They claim that Liberal Christianity is compatible with the teachings of Jesus Christ.
  • They claim that proper tire inflation can replace the need for additional oil drilling.
  • That we should eat less red meat in order to combat climate change.[22]
  • They claim Jesus was a liberal, or that Jesus was left-wing[23].
  • The claim that the Nation of Islam is unrelated to Islam the religion.
  • The claim that portable school vouchers would destroy public schools, yet send their own children to private schools.
  • The claim that if you are pro-life, you don't care about people after they're born. [25]
  • The claim that more black people died in wars of America than in abortion. 1,786 blacks are killed daily by abortion, *one of two pregnant women will be suckered into pro-choice genocide. [1]
  • The claim that renaming War on Terror to Overseas Contingency Operation will reduce the threats facing America.
  • The claim to cutback our country's missile defenses will some how make us more secure than we were.
  • The claim that the nation will go bankrupt if we don't spend more tax dollars.
  • We as a nation must switch to unproven technologies for the environments sake, such as wind or solar power. Yet, proven clean energy generated by nuclear power is not an option.
  • The claim that you are not pro-life if you are pro-gun.
  • The claim that guns are responsible for deaths. (by that same logic, pencils are responsible for misspelled words.)
  • The claim that 47 million Americans don't have health insurance. (Actual number is between 10 and 15 million)

From Barack Obama

"An apparent Muslim, Obama could use the Koran when he is sworn into office." "Obama uses the Muslim Pakistani pronunciation for "Pakistan" rather than the common American one"

"In the years 2000 through 2004, before becoming a United States Senator and being in the public spotlight, Obama gave 1% of his earnings to charity even though he made $250,000 per year. Since becoming a national figure, that amount has jumped to 6%.[70] Obama's small donations are consistent with atheism and were perhaps influenced by his nonbelieving mother. According to a study by the Barna Group, atheists give less per capita in donations than religious Americans"

Thats right Conservapedia claimed that Obama is a Muslim and then several paragraphs later claimed he was an Atheist.... Muslims are expected to give 10% of their income to charity. (Wealthy Liberals vote for parties that will increase their personal tax bill and spend the money helping poor people. That is equivalent to giving money to charity and helps poor people more effectively.)

Cited under reasons 'Obama will likely be the first muslim president': "Obama uses the Muslim Pakistani pronunciation for "Pakistan" rather than the common American one." the footnote refers to the following sentence: "Obama repeatedly pronounced "Pakistan" as "Pokiston" in the first presidential debate."

From Why Do Non-Conservatives Exist?

"Conservative principles are based on reason, so why do non-conservatives still exist?"

From Liberal Style

"The style of a liberal often includes these characteristics:

"7. virtually never criticize hateful comments or behavior by a fellow liberal."

Even if that was true, at least it would explain why left wing governments don't get into war with each other. ThaMarine 08:49, 4 July 2009 (UTC)

"10. call something disliked a "conspiracy theory," but don't use that term against wacky liberal theories like global warming."

Excellent use of the word "wacky" in the middle of a serious article. SuperJosh 19:58, 5 January 2009 (UTC)

From Main Page

The KKK, Hollywood and President Wilson [10]
Eligibility battle of Obama to serve as President of the United States rages on three fronts.[11]
CO2 Fairytales in Global warming "Promoting CO2 as the environmental monkey on our back is absolutely ludicrous. CO2 is friend to all life, not a foe." [12]
David Horowitz: Do Liberals Help The Terrorists? [13]

From Mystery:Do Liberal Teachings Cause Mental Illness

Cause and Effect

Medical professionals emphasize that they do not know what causes mental illness.[24] Accordingly, they cannot rule out that liberal indoctrination is a contributing factor.

Teaching children to accept and believe things that are demonstrably false cannot help mental health. Included in this category are the liberal teachings in school that:

  • Lying about the truth, causing belief in falsehoods or encouraging conduct disorders[25]
  • There are no real differences between boys and girls.
  • Humans are just another type of animal.
  • All there is is what you see (with or without special equipment, such as microscopes or telescopes).
  • Conversely, that an unproven 'unconscious' excuses evil actions.
  • Self-inflicted death (i.e. suicide) can somehow be good.
  • Denying self-defense, mentally and physically.
  • Denying the ability to control sexual desires (such as homosexuality & lesbianism); promoting lifestyles that lead to mental illness.
  • Insisting on an illogical and unjustified "wall of separation of church and state"; When classroom prayer would promote mental stability.
  • Encouraging dependence on state welfare services rather than taking responsibility for ones own actions. Dependency is a major cause of depression.
  • Socialistic theories based upon materialism encourage nihilism and depression.

Drug abuse

Liberals support the legalisation of marijuana and other drugs, which are major causes of psychiatric illnesses[26] [27].

Anecdotal Evidence

Actor Stephen Fry is the author of the book "The Liar" and was an active supporter of the liberal British Labour Party, though he did not vote for it in a recent election because it was not leftist enough on the Iraq War. "The 49-year-old actor has been tormented by mental illness for much of his life."[28] Specifically he is a sufferer of bipolar disorder, a largely hereditary disease.

Professor David Foster Wallace was a prodigy in writing, math and even tennis in his youth but adopted the liberal ideology. He wrote in 1999 a collection of short stories entitled, "Brief Interviews With Hideous Men," in which he "damns his gender as a greedy, cold, oversexed marauders."[29] In 2008, Wallace killed himself at age 46.

From Feminist style

A feminist typically has one or more of the following characteristics:

  • insistence on censorship of opposing speakers, writers, or presentations,
often done on the even of an event without consideration of the disruption[Citation Needed]
  • expression of extreme offense at modest expressions of disagreement[Citation Needed]
  • seething hatred for anti-feminist personalities, such as Ann Coulter[Citation Needed]
  • lack of a sense of humor[Citation Needed]
  • contempt for women who serve in traditional family roles, such as housewives[Citation Needed]
  • lack of recognition of achievements, such as inventions, made possible by traditional family structures[Citation Needed]
  • belief that single mothers are capable of raising well-adjusted children without the influence of a stable father figure.[Citation Needed]
  • insistence that the lifestyle, attitudes and customs of women should mirror exactly those of men.[Citation Needed]
  • Regarding all men as potential rapists
  • rarely or never defers to the majority, or concedes defeat
  • Refusal by women to assume their proper, ordained, submissive role in the nuclear family.

From "Comedy Central"

"Comedy Central is a left-slanting cable and satellite television channel which draws a large portion of its viewership from adolescents, such as the average public school student (who watches more than three hours of television daily)."[14]

I'm sorry but... what? Where the HELL do they get some figure that the "average public school student" watches more than three hours of television daily? This is obviously fabricated as there is NO citation for this so-called "statistic." These people are literally morons.


Other great things about this page include:

  • The opening line: "this is an essay". What follows is a list of one-line bullet points (and some sad little 'jokes' to refute them). Surely this is the worst excuse for an essay ever written.
  • This:
Johnnycochran replaced the Wikipedia page with the following (while not denying that Wikipedia in fact has a bias): RICKA TICKA TICK TOCK TICK TOCK TOCK RIIIING RING A DING DING RING A DING DING RICK A DICK DICK RICK A DICK DICK RINGA DINGA DING DING DOOOOONG
That's right, folks! Despite his facade of being a clever liberal and attacking Conservative politics, Johnnycochran failed to deny Wikipedia's bias! He's obviously not as intelligent as he tried to be.

Cruel and unusual punishment?

Minors under 16 years old use this site. Posting of obscenity here is punishable by up to 10 years in jail under 18 USC § 1470. Vandalism is punishable up to 10 years in jail per 18 USC § 1030. Harassment is punishable by 2 years in jail per 47 USC § 223. The IP addresses of vandals will be reported to authorities. That includes your employer and your local prosecutor.

from (Conservapedia Commandments )

HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!!! They blocked me 4 times! No police knocking on my door yet.ThaMarine

From | Do Liberal Teachings Cause Mental Illness? Talk Page

I discovered this page by random and although I don't really consider myself to be a liberal, this page is a joke. A bad one. It consists of a silly use of a technique that many folks, conservatives and liberals to name a few, use a lot. This is is to make a (frequently bogus) list of what someone else believes in and then rip it apart, tossing in liberal (or conservative?) doses of ridicule and sarcasm. Why not find a list of what liberal say they believe in and then rip that apart? I am ignoring a little voice saying "Don't get into this" but to not do so would seem like a form of lying to me. Carptrash 18:05, 23 August 2008 (EDT)

Did you happen to notice that the word count on your edit above is "666"? Ridicule will get you ... nowhere. Godspeed.--Aschlafly 18:33, 23 August 2008 (EDT)

No, his post has 119 words. Kallium 09:44, 15 September 2008 (EDT)

This talk page is excellent. Chock full of conservative logic busters and use of the Schlafly Reversal.


They believe that dinosaurs lived in harmony with other animals, (probably including in the Garden of Eden) eating only plants[6]; that pairs of each dinosaur kind were taken onto Noah's Ark during the Great Flood and were preserved from drowning[7]; that many of the fossilized dinosaur bones originated during the mass killing of the Flood[8]; and that possibly some descendants of those dinosaurs taken aboard the Ark are still around today[15]

Conservapedia: Dinosaurs all originally ate plants.

From Origin of the Moon

Accessed on May 6th, 2009.

All the prevailing, atheistic theories of the origin of the Moon were completely disproved by the lunar landings and studies of the lunar rocks afterwards. The material lacked iron that permeates the Earth's crust.

Specifically, each of these prevailing scientific theories was disproved by the lunar landings:[30]

Source linked says "The Earth has a large iron core, but the moon does not. This is because Earth's iron had already drained into the core by the time the giant impact happened. Therefore, the debris blown out of both Earth and the impactor came from their iron-depleted, rocky mantles. The iron core of the impactor melted on impact and merged with the iron core of Earth, according to computer models."

Regarding Super Mario Galaxy

"Minor controversy erupted due to the game's portrayal of religious people as mindless enemies (goombas). Though it has been criticized, there is no evidence this has slowed down sales of the game.

Retrieved from ""

What the fuck? I played the entire game, except a few Luigi stages, and Goombas were never depicted as religious. Where the hell did it get this information?

From conservapedia commandments

5. We do not allow gossip, just as a real encyclopedia avoids it.

This sounds like an admission that conservapedia is only pretending to be a real encyclopedia. But you already knew that, right?

Regarding Edison

This article, though consistent with common assumptions regarding Thomas Edison, is horribly inaccurate.

"Some of his best known inventions are the light bulb, the mimeograph and phonograph.

No, Edison invented nothing, he stole his ideas from real scientists, like Nicholae Tesla (inventor of the lightbulb,) Albert Blake Dick (invented the mimeograph) and Édouard-Léon Scott de Martinville (creator of the phonograph.)

"In 1913 he demonstrated the synchronization of moving pictures and sound, laying the foundation for the talking motion picture.

It, already, had a foundation: The talking pictures shown, earlier in the 1900s, in France.

"By the end of the 1880s, small central stations dotted many U.S. cities; each was limited to a few blocks area because of transmission inefficiencies of direct current (DC). Edison fought a mighty battle with George Westinghouse, who developed a competing system based on alternating current (AC).

Edison stole the idea of Direct Current from Nicholae Tesla, turned it into the inferior form Alternating Current and created an eletric chair, somehow, using the closest equivalent he had to an invention to discredit one of the most brilliant minds in recent history.


From World History Lecture One

This is the last sentence of the second paragraph.

"We will make use of the Bible, which is greatest history book ever written."

The Bible is the Greatest History Book ever written? Well then, where's an in-depth description of World War II? Where are the Crusades? Where are the Olmecs, the Mayans, the Incas, the Aztecs? Where are Native Americans in General, and all the strife they went through? Not in the Bible, that's for sure. Greatest History Book ever? No. Greatest Pseudohistory Book ever? Perhaps. Greatest Collection of Lies, Exaggerations, But Mostly Lies, ever? You bet! Not now we have Consevapedia.

From World History Lecture 12

"As a practical matter, this meant that President Roosevelt could now help England. President Roosevelt ordered the U.S. Navy to begin escorting British ships that carried American arms, and Hitler predictably responded by commanding his U-boats (submarines) to sink cargo ships. When a U-boat shot torpedoes at a U.S. destroyer in the Atlantic in September 1941, President Roosevelt ordered the U.S. ships to fire back. An unofficial war had begun between the United States and Germany."

U-boats had been sinking cargo ships since 1939. Also, the USS Greer charged at the U-652 which then fired defensively; when you're a U-boat captain, you have about a minute to make a decision and it's often "kill or be killed". The "shoot on sight" applied mostly to US territorial waters.

"Also, the United States had a good radar system that should have been able to predict the attack an hour before it happened."

Actually, the radar system (which was still in beta) DID detect the Japanese planes. However, a flight of American planes was also en route so the report was brushed off by a superior officer.

From World History Lecture 14

From the outer space section:

"Americans continued to explore planets with the Hubble Telescope (to explore distant space in 1990) and the Pathfinder space probe (landing on Mars in 1997). For most of the 20th century scientists (and popular movies) claimed that life must exist in outer space. Claims of life existing in outer space may have anti-Christian motivations and effects, as they tend to contradict the Christian view of the creation of life and the redemption by Jesus Christ. No extraterrestrial life has ever been found, despite all the exploration costing billions of dollars."

From Homosexual Agenda

The goals of the homosexual movement include:

  1. Destroying Christian morals
    • Changing the definition of marriage, even if doing so infringes on the religious rights of Christians not to recognize it as anything other than sin
  2. Promote pseudoscience that legitimizes homosexuality, such as claims of a never-identified gay gene
    • Censoring evidence that the "gay gene" is a hoax
  3. Censoring speech against homosexuality by branding it to possibly be "hate-speech"
    • Censoring biblical statements condemning homosexuality
  4. Establishing affirmative action for homosexuals
  5. Expand hate crimes legislation to include sexual orientation
  6. Ending the military's and Boy Scout's restrictions on homosexuality
  7. Stopping children as young as 5 years old from attending therapy to repair their sexual preference
  8. Promote homosexuality in schools
    • In places like Massachusetts and California, where the gay lobby is the strongest, it starts as early as pre-school. They tell seven- or eight-year-old boys, "If you only like boys, there's a chance you may be homosexual," or "If you only like girls, maybe you are lesbian." Well, at that age, all members of the opposite sex "have cooties."
    • You're planting a seed that can totally mess up the normal development process later, when at 12 or 14, kids enter the age of sexual confusion and discovering the opposite sex.
  9. Force businesses to accommodate their lifestyle
    • Suing an online dating website for discrimination
  10. Undermining the resolve of latent homosexuals so that their will becomes too weak to resist the temptations of homosexuality
  11. Pushing for legalized adoption by gay individuals and couples

From John F. Kennedy

"He refused to call himself a liberal, but he had a base in Massachusetts with many strong liberals in academe and labor unions that had to be appeased, so he never attacked liberalism too loudly."

“If by a ‘Liberal’ they mean someone who looks ahead and not behind, someone who welcomes new ideas without rigid reactions, someone who cares about the welfare of the people — their health, their housing, their schools, their jobs, their civil rights, and their civil liberties — someone who believes we can break through the stalemate and suspicions that grip us in our policies abroad, if that is what they mean by a ‘Liberal,’ then I’m proud to say I’m a ‘Liberal’.” -- John F. Kennedy (D-MA)

See also

From Essay:Conservatives of the Decade

Apart from all the other nonsense, this is an intereting part.

"The "Surge" was a huge victory that secured Iraq's immediate future"

Come on, Conservapedia. We all know Iraq doesn't have a future. And it wasn't much of a victory, either.

From Christian persecution

Not exactly a quote, but it is ridiculous. When you search Religious persecution on Conservapedia, it redirects you to Christian persecution. Don't believe me? Try it yourself! So when others who aren't Christians get persecuted that doesn't matter. Oh Conservapedia!

Also, the page itself is filled with numerous examples of "Persecution". For example, they once say "Persecution mainly exists in ridicule, liberal bias or religious discrimination of traditional Christian family values by Hollywood.", which doesn't sound like persecution at all, but whatever you say, Conservapedia.

From Extraterrestrial life in Star Trek


"Klingons are a war-like race from the planet Kronos. In the original series Klingons were often enemies of humans, but in later series a truce has been reached.

The best-known Klingon is Worf, the security officer on the U.S.S. Enterprise of Star Trek: The Next Generation. He also makes appearances in Deep Space Nine.

A complete Klingon language has been developed, and a number of works, including the Bible, have been translated into Klingon."

Worf made more than appearances on DS9. He was a FULL CAST MEMBER!!! Also, the Bible is in the process of being translated. Hamlet was actually translated and published.


"Romulans are a secretive race from the planet Romulus. Before the events of the original series, humans and Romulans fought in a destructive war, after which a neutral zone was established between their areas of space.

In the original series Romulans were frequently in battles with the U.S.S. Enterprise. In the original series, it was revealed that they were distantly related to the Vulcans."

Nothing about the eventual prospect of peace in Star Trek: Nemesis or that the Federation and Romulans fought together against the Dominion? Also, the Romulans made only three appearances in the original series (one per season). The Enterprise was more frequently in battle with the Klingons.


"The Ferengi are an impish race of sexist people primarily concerned with making a profit. Being businessmen is virtually a religion to them. Their Rules of Acquisition is a list of 285 rules ranging from Once you have their money, you never give it back (No. 1) to No good deed ever goes unpunished (No. 285) and include War is good for business and Peace is good for business (Nos. 34 and 35)

The Ferengi first appeared in Star Trek: The Next Generation and the best known is Quark, a resident of Deep Space Nine. They have also appeared in Voyager and Enterprise."

Huh, they actually got something right. However, there were other well-known Ferengi on DS9: Rom, Nog (the first Ferengi in Starfleet), Zek, and Ishka. In fact, part of the reason Armin Shimerman signed on for Quark was to redeem the image of the Ferengi from their disastrous appearance in TNG.

Speaking of "Star Trek". . .

"He (Gene Roddenberry) had an agenda (see homosexual agenda), which was to get gay people onto 'Star Trek."

"And so it was decided on set that one of the tables in the background should have two men holding hands — or two women, or whatever. But someone ran to a phone and made a call to the production office and that was nixed. [Producer, TNG] David Livingston came down and made sure that didn’t happen."

"Star Trek fans are much more conservative than people want to believe, and this whole Gene Roddenberry liberal Humanistic vision is truly not shared by a significant portion of them.

Just because Livingston did not want the extra males or females holding hands, does NOT mean Star Trek Fans are conservatives! The vast majority of fans are liberals, like the happy citizens of the Federation.

From Essay: Greatest Conservative TV Shows

"The Office: mockery of liberal political correctness and corporate socialism in an office setting. The character of Ryan in particular is a lampoon of liberal arrogance and immorality. While the show mocks all types, this show is unusual in its willingness to mock liberals."

Yes, we all know that anyone who commits corporate crime is a dirty immoral LIBERAL!

"Star Trek: emphasized morality, honor, abiding by a strict code of conduct, and problem solving in a science fiction setting that inspired real world innovations. Portrayed the Cold War struggle as a conflict between the democratic Federation (USA) and the authoritarian, collectivist Klingons (the Soviet Union), correctly forecast the eventual winner."

Take it from a Trekkie, this is pure bullcrap. The Federation is a socialistic state with no national borders, where planets give up national sovereignty and even capitalistic venues (and a bit more collectivist than the original Klingons were). Also, the cold war between the Federation and the Klingons did not depict a winner until the Soviet Union collapsed. Even so, the ending was the result of an environmental disaster and not economic collapse.

This "honor" was mostly employed by the Klingons. Are they a "conservative" species? A "strict code of conduct" is something you'll find in any military. The technobabble problem solving did not inspire real world innovations; communicators, padds, phasers.

From Liberal

"A liberal (also leftist) is someone who rejects logical and biblical standards, often for self-centered reasons. Some may pretend to be Christians, but they are not, they practice Cafeteria Christianity. There are no coherent liberal standards; often a liberal is merely someone who craves attention, and who uses many words to say nothing."

The apparent definition of a liberal person.


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From Jon Stewart[16]

Jon Stewart (born Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz on November 28, 1962) is an American liberal comedian, whose hosting of the Oscars in 2008 set the modern record for its smallest number of viewers: it "drew the worst ratings ... of the modern era. Whoever came because of Stewart was more than offset by those who tuned out."[1] Stewart appeared in several bad movies, including "Big Daddy," "The Faculty," "Half Baked," and "Death To Smoochy." Because his movies almost always do very badly (critically and financially) people say that there is a "Jon Stewart Curse" that he brings to all his movies. Jon Stewart has described himself as "more of a socialist or an independent than a Democrat."[2] Roger Ailes mentioned that Stewart told him he is an atheist.[17]He is best known as the host of Comedy Central's The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and for his political satire. Stewart held a "Rally to Restore Sanity" on October 30, 2010, and the following Tuesday voters elected conservatives in an historic landslide.

1. Stewart's supposed movie failures somehow destroy his success on the Daily Show. 2. Some of those movies did pretty well. 3. Stewart refuted every meeting Ailes to state that and explained his "socialist" comments [18] 4. Guess the huge drawing at the Rally meant it was a failure. 5. The Rally was about political discourse not electoral activism [19]. 6. Ashfylfly seems pretty butthurt about his ilk being the butt of many of Stewart's jokes.

Conservapedia founder shit his pants

Ridiculous God Comment and Talk Page Notice

On the page of the God article, some incredibly intelligent put this discussion:

Why do you claim trustworthiness yet try to pass your opinion off as fact? The article should start with "According to Christianity..." because then that wouldn't be biased at all

Why are you biased against God? Why are you biased against this website? Karajou 15:32, 27 June 2012 (EDT)

When an account with the username of HelloTheo was put up and posted the following, the edit was reverted:

  • Why are you biased against logic? Why are you biased against freedom of expression?

And this notice was put on the talk page:

  • Hello, HelloTheo,

    We're glad you are here to learn and possibly edit. We ask that you read our Editor's Guide before you do.

    Your chosen user name and/or initial edits don't inspire a great deal of confidence, however.
  • What the hell is that supposed to mean?

  • If you are here to argue, show us why we are wrong, introduce a liberal POV into articles, engage in time wasting talk, talk, talk, you have indeed come to the wrong place. We value conciseness, civility and productivity here.
    Please consider opening your mind...the truth will set you free!

    At the right are some useful links for you. You can include these links on your user page by putting "Template:Useful links" on the page.

    Thanks for reading, HelloTheo.

Public School "Corruption"

The page, Public Schools in the United States, clames that, "it is astounding how few prominent Americans attended public school after the banning of school-sponsored prayer in 1962. Here is an impressive list of people who attended public schools before the banning of school-sponsored prayer."  [1]  The list includes people like Ronald Reagan, Dwight D. Eisenhower, The Wright Brothers, Richard Nixon, and Lyndon Johnson.    Their "mostly unimpressive list of people who attended public school after school-sponsored prayer was banned in 1962" includes not only Bill Clinton, John Edwards, Tom Cruise, and Bibi Netanyahu, but also Paul Ryan, Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry, and Paul Rand.  The Conservatives seem to out-number the liberals.