Rome is the capital of Italy. In ancient times Rome was the capital of the Roman Republic and Roman Empire. In Rome are many wonderful historical and archaeological remains. One is the Colosseum. Lions and other wild beasts tore Christian martyrs apart there. Christians, slaves and others were killed and injured in terrible ways to please the onlookers during the Roman Empire.

Rome is the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church and The Vatican is in Rome. Although the events and people responsible for the origin of Christianity were in Jerusalem, the Church later divided between the Orthodox Christians of Byzantium and the Catholic branch based in Rome. The Roman Catholics also built many wonderful buildings in Rome. The Roman Inquisition was there. More about The Inquisition generally. The Roman Catholics didn't think it was so bad when non-Catholics were tortured and killed. In Protestant countries Roman Catholics were tortured and killed as Heretics andRoman Catholics thought that was awful.

In 1848 during the year of revolutions Rome rose in revolt against autocratic, conservative and undemocratic rule by the Church. The revolt was eventually suppressed by the French under the autocrat Napoleon III, who left an army there for over twenty years to keep Rome and the surrounding province from becoming part of the Kingdom of Italy.

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