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Ronald Harold Johnson
20160225 230551.JPG
Senator Johnson
Political Party: Republican
Education: University of Minnesota
Religion Lutheranism
Born April 8, 1955

Ronald Harold "Ron" Johnson is the teabagger senator from Wisconsin. Somehow, the citizens of Wisconsin got to vote for him over awesome liberal Russ Feingold, two freaking times.  

Johnson is not a co-sponsor of the 9/11 Health bill.[2]

Craziest Moments

  • He was one of many Republicans to make up wild conspiracy theories about Benghazi
  • He called scientists that believe in climate change "crazy"
  • He made stuff up about the Affordable Care Act to justify his opposition
  • He voted against the popular Manchin-Toomey background check bill
  • He opposes raising the debt ceiling, despite the fact that not raising it would tank the United States's economy. Apparently he thinks that Greece is a perfect economic model.


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