Roy Moore
Roy Moore is happy
Name: Roy Stewart Moore
Born: February 11, 1947

Gadsden, Alabama

Political Party Republican Party
Religion Fundamentalist Christianity

Roy Moore is a extremist Christian and a Criminal that is somehow a politician that crawls in the redneck christian conservative state of Alabama, He is rumored that he raped teenage girls and dated them while in his 30s.

Religious Views

Roy Moore is a far-right Christian Fundamentalist, as well as a Dominionist.

In November 2002, he was ordered by Judge Myron Thompson to remove a Ten Commandments plaque located inside his courthouse. By August 2003, after protests and counter-protests, the monument was removed. That November he was unanimously voted out of office via judiciary panel.

In November 2012, Moore was reelected as Chief Justice. After same-sex marriage was nationally legalized in June 2015, Moore stood by his beliefs and tried to persuade other Alabama judges to deny same-sex licenses. On May 6, 2016, he was suspended (with pay) from his position.

To the surprise of very few, Roy hates Muslims. He has even stated that some areas of the United States (Illinois in particular) are under Sharia law despite the fact he wants Christian Sharia which is basically the same thing, but could not prove this fact in an interview with Jeff Stein.

2017 Post-Election

He lost the 2017 Alabama Senate Election to Doug Jones, thank goodness he isn't a senator.

However, Roy Moore refused to concede, just like Trump would've done had he lost to Hillary and tried his best to demand a recount. However, on December 28, 2017, Doug Jones was officially announced the winner of the race, although Mr. Dominionist still refuses to concede.


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