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Keith Rupert Murdoch is a wealthy Australian businessman. He became an American citizen in order to buy U.S. television stations, as U.S. law prohibited foreigners from doing so. He has more money than God, and uses it to buy various media outlets in order to further the Conservative agenda.

Murdoch is the one to blame for Fox News, thus should be pursued legally for the first degree for dumbing America.

In July 2007, Ruper Murdoch purchased Dow Jones and the Wall Street Journal. He's also good at tax avoidance. [1]

In the UK newspapers that Rupert Murdoch owns are in trouble because reporters have been accused of phone hacking.

News International (prop: Rupert Murdoch), could end up paying out tens of millions of pounds in damages and legal costs due to the growing number of people seeking redress for invasions into their privacy. [2]

We at Liberapedia are waiting with interest to see what comes of this, see Rupert Murdoch Phone Hacking Scandal

Murdoch called Chris Christie a suicide bomer[3]