Rush Limbaugh
The largest supporter of Fascism in America.
Job: Radio Talkshow Host
Political Party: Republican, may be attempting to push the party towards Nazism or Fascism
Salary 33 Million US Dollars
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This article is about the batshit-insane radio host. For the article about the progressive-rock band, see Rush (Band).

Rush Limbaugh (1951-2021) was an American media personality, known for pioneering toxic talk radio. Mr. Limbaugh was a noted "conservative" commentator known for pushing the boundaries of right-wing commentary beyond the limits of traditional conservatism and partisanship.

Rush Limpdick has been guilty of sexual and other hypocrisy. He died in 2021 of lung Cancer.

Weakness and hypocrisy

Rush Limbaugh was found guilty of "Doctor Shopping" in 2006 as a result of his longtime addiction to the drug OxyContin, which he had continued abusing until public revelations of this use in 2003. During this period Limbaugh had repeatedly called for stiffer penalties for drug abusers, and had on occasion pretended not to know what OxyContin was, going so far as to mispronounce the word.

He’s in favour of sexual abstinence, doesn’t want condoms distributed in schools and says he thinks condoms don’t work. [1] He's been quoted writing:

"Close Your Fly, You Won't Die." [2]

He also said or wrote:

"Abstinence protects against STDS and pregnancy - every time it's tried." [3]

What Limbaugh says is right for school kids isn’t right for him. Abstinence only education doesn't work because the sex drive is too strong as Rush-open your flies-Limbaugh has shown.

Limbaugh was apprehended for possession of improperly labeled Viagra after an all-too-frequent sex-tourism trip to the Dominican Republic to have sex with the only women that will have him--those he pays. there's even a suggestion he might have raped a child. [4]


Yes, we're sometimes imaginative, but we hope you will understand when we're joking.

Rush Limbaugh was a very large (in many ways) conservative. He hosted a talk radio show where be pushed his beliefs -- which were often times indistinguishable from Fascism -- on his impressionable retarded attention-starved listeners. His salary was $28 million a year; here's a cool display.

He not only criticized Liberals and Democrats but loudly assaulted centrists, independents and moderate conservatives. He stated that the only way for Republicans to survive is to have everyone in the party take a radical right wing stance. This is most likely an endorsement of fascism or National Socialism.

Rush Limbaugh once went on an anti-feminist rampage during which he kidnapped beloved Hollywood starlet Fay Wray, taking her to the very top of the Empire State Building in New York City where he was shot down by the United States National Guard. Unfortunately, this failed to halt his career in radio and television.

The only suitable mate for Rimbag may have been the demonically-possessed unrepentant lawyer Ann Coulter, a "woman" (questionable since the cadaver that is her body can not possibly ovulate) many consider to be even more hateful than him. It is assumed any offspring thereof would be more Satanic a spawn then even Dick Cheney.

Endorsed by Reagan

In 1992, Ronald Reagan sent Limbaugh a letter in which he thanked him "for all you're doing to promote Republican and conservative principles..." and nominated him "the Number One voice for conservatism in our Country." This sort of delusion of Reagan's is also evidenced Reagan's allowing his wife Nancy's beliefs in esoteric divination to influence his presidency.

Limbaugh even thought Republican John McCain was too far to the left

Rush Limbaugh was very far right wing as he attacked even John McCain during the 2008 primary season stating that he was too moderate. Afterward he attempted to get Hilary Clinton elected as the Democratic nominee because he and Ann Coulter believed her to be more Conservative then McCain. He failed in his so called "Operation: Chaos".


Rush Limbaugh acted in a completely a--holeish manner on his radio show. He claimed that soldiers who did not support the Iraq War were "phony". He may also be a racist as he referred to Barack Obama as a "magic negro". The phrase "magic negro" was coined seriously by the radical leftist newspaper, the Los Angeles (Calif.) Times, which is considered by most Americans to be a joke. The song, to the tune of "Puff The Magic Dragon," was created by Paul Shanklin mocking the LA Times, and was merely merrily played on Limbaugh's radio show.

More evidence that he was a racist is that he has said that African-Americans in America are "left behind socially" and are "trained to hate from a young age". Now aren't many right wing Bible Belt types trained to hate from a young age?

Limbaugh was defeated in argument by a moderate Republican caller. [4].

Rush Lush astounded even the most retarded of his loyal "dittohead" listeners by claiming that the Icelandic volcanic eruption was obviously the act of an angry, fiscally-conservative God perpetrated illogically on the citizens of the Socialist countries of Europe, particularly Scandinavia to punish their "American Socialist" brethren for having the gall to reform the American health insurance industry. [5] Even level-headed centrist Bill Clinton considered Lush to have lost nearly all of what is left of his feeble mind.

Dumbbuagh Lush said that the reason why people are homeless & dying is because of the Liberals are in charge[6]. Right & who was President During the The Massive 2008 economic crisis?. Somebody should hand this man a better brain but then that's impossible.

Kids' Book

He had a children's book out entitled Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims.  Even reading the jacket makes you sick. The main character's real name is Rusty, but everybody calls him "Rush Revere" because he loves Paul Revere[7].  (The jacket provides no explanation as to why they didn't call him "Rusty Revere" so this looks like an attempt for Lush to feed his ego, so badly concealed that he shouldn't have tried).   And his horse is named Liberty.  Now we all know Rusty's affections for Paul Revere are not as great as his affections for Rush Limbaugh himself.  Furthermore, in the jacket we already see a pretty big historical error: the jacket claims that Revere yelled, "The British are Coming" even though he didn't say that[8]. And Rusty is supposed to be a history teacher.  The book itself is so bad it may well have been written by a fourth grader, which also happens to be the age of Lush's target audience.  This editor was so bored she put it down on page three.


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