Russell Dana Feingold
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Mr. Feingold
Political Party: Democratic Party
Education: University of Wisconsin

Magdalen College, Oxford Harvard Law School

Religion Judaism
Born March 2, 1953

Russell Dana "Russ" Feingold was the senior US Senator from Wisconsin until a crazy teabagger named Ron Johnson took over.  He did really amazing things, such as being the sole senator to vote against the USA PATRIOT Act[1].  He also co-sponsored the McCain-Feingold Act, which would have helped get money out of politics.  It never made it too a vote and then Citizens United came and ruined everything.

Feingold supports universal background checks, but not an asualt weapons ban[2]  He's also pro-choice[3]

Feingold wrote a book talking about Post-9/11 challages[4]

Barack Obama likes Russ Feingold. Read This...

Russ is an honest, independent-minded public servant who's not driven by what's politically expedient; he's driven by what he knows is right for the people of Wisconsin. (Barack Obama) [5]

Ha! Take that Ron Johnson.