A Ford "Explorer"

Sport Utility Vehicle. Neither a sport vehicle nor a utility vehicle. A whack, fake (and successful) attempt by the motor vehicle industry to lure in overpaid middle class workaholic mothers who think that they need a three ton vehicle to carry their often over weight kids to soccer practice. Never intended for passenger use on the highway, it is cheaper to manufacture due to loophole in federal laws regulating passenger safety[citation needed] .

Despite the manufacturing economy, SUV's are one of the most expensive types of motor vehicles to own and operate. They have a high accident and theft rate, low resale value, and poor performance despite low fuel economy. The lack of structure mandated for real passenger vehicles allows the 'SUV' to cave in upon rollover, while even the cheapest passenger car is legally required to have a roll cage in the roof structure. SUV's are marketed as a 'cooler' replacement for the minivan or station wagon. Often seen in news reports at the scene of multiple fatalities resulting from a blown tire. Basically SUVs do nothing but destroy the environment and cause car accidents.

Those who drive SUV's are damaging the environment. They don't deserve the death penalty despite this. When their cars are involved in accidents they may suffer the death penalty together with any children in the family car.