President Obama Makes a Statement on the Shooting in Newtown, Connecticut-0

Barack Obama's post shooting speech.

The Sandy Hook Shooting was the second deadliest mass shootings in American history[1], killing twenty first graders, six teachers, and the gunman's mother. The gunman makes twenty-eight. Because it took place at an elementary school, some of the people who had a leg on both sides of the fence on gun control kicked their second leg to the "Supporting Gun Control" side; which still wasn't enough to ward off the NRA.

A Documentary about the shooting was relased in 2016[2]

The Gunman

The gunman.

The gunman was a crazy dude named Adam Lanza whose mother, Nancy Lanza loved to shoot targets and kept assault rifles in her home. She'd pay with her life when Adam shot her with her own gun. So listen kids, never keep guns in your house; or you might start the next mass shooting.

With his mother dead, Lanza forced his way into Sandy Hook and shot some people in the office. When the principal found out, she ran to stop him, but he killed her. He then went into first grade rooms and killed kids and teachers until the police arrived. After that, he committed suicide.


(Somewhat) Sane People

It took more than a high school, a college campus, and a movie theater. And those were just the ones in the news. But when the victims were cute little first graders, people ooed and ahhed and talked about how cute the photos of the victims published in People Magazine were. And although they clearly didn't think kids in high school or college were worth more gun control; much less movie goers, they thought the cute first graders were worth saving. Barely.

So people started lobbying against guns. Laws were passed in Connecticut, where Sandy Hook is. Laws were passed in other awesome states, too, like New York; and Colorado, who finally learned its lesson after two mass shootings there.

However, these great things did not occur in the Senate, the NRA had too much influence on Capital Hill ever since the time when congress outlawed assault weapons.

The NRA and other crazy old, white men

For a week after the shooting, the big idiots that make up the NRA provided no comment. They were about to realize the big failure of their logic and that more guns are not the answer to everything. Before that happened, however; some really dumb guy from within the NRA handed them an idea. Then, poof! And so the NRA continued to call "more guns" the answer to everything.

A week after the shootings, the NRA Vice President Wayne LaPierre held a press conference where talked about a very expensive idea that would put a "good guy with a gun" in every school in the United States of America.[3] The idea is that when Adam Lanza entered Sandy Hook, this "good guy" would have shot him down before he had hurt a soul. However, this scenario is highly unlikely. Adam Lanza wore a bullet-proof vest. He could just have easily killed the security officer and taken his guns as the security officer could have killed him.

Wayne LaPierre then repeated that NRA bogus that violent video games, not guns were responsible for the shootings. It is highly unlikely that violent video games would have inspired Lanza to strangle or attack kids with knives because he had played violent video games but didn't have any guns. He also would never had managed to kill so many without an assault rifle.

La Pierre left without taking questions, more proof that his plan wouldn't work.

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