School is where kids learn useful information as well as useless stuff that bores them. When you're at school it's good if you make an effort to learn well so you can become an educated liberal and know how to fight the conservatives.

School is where kids go to get an education. Grade school, (American term) and primary school (British term) is where younger kids go to learn to read and write and do basic arithmetic as well as other stuff. In high school (American term) and secondary school (British term) more complex things are learnt. Many of the things learned at school are useless and/or forgotten soon after the test. Useful, interesting things are learned at school though and unfortunately useful things are also sometimes forgotten soon after the test.

Schools according to Conservapedia

Conservapedia thinks school is a prison created by Liberals in order to infect students with progressive values. Unless schools teach all the values that Andrew Schlafly and his family follow Andy thinks they are evil, atheistic and Liberal. Therefore Schlafly wants children to be homeschooled and wants parents to pay him to teach their children. Liberapedia is sorry for the kids that Schlafly teaches.

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