Tired of being alone, 40+, into music, computers, cinema, and WLTM a younger guy 18-26 for fun, friendship, perhaps more...

Roger is the brother of Conservapedia founder Andrew Schlafly and is a conservative activist in his own right. Among Phyllis Schlafly's brood, Roger ranks third in order of birth and runs a close race with Andy for lack of intelligence.

Surprisingly, he has recently begun contesting many of Andy's ridiculous claims. Though his motives are unknown, his despicable posting of facts is sure to soon earn him a name as yet another deceitful liberal. (and probably a ban).

Personal Life

According to Schlafly's personal site: "I am a mathematician, computer scientist, cryptology consultant, computer programmer, and patent agent. I am available if you need an expert opinion on a cryptosystem or a patent. Often some money paid for analysis in advance can save a lot of money and trouble later."

Roger is also a raging paranoid, which is partly why brother Andrew tried not to let him know about his new blog, "Conservapedia". He found out about it however, and their mom made Andy let Roger play with him. Good little Christian boys do what their mommas tell them, even when they've become big grown men.

Roger apparently thinks he is a pretty bright guy, but so was Ted Kaczinski, his fashion idol.

Brothers and Sisters

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