[Moore] shows how the American public - especially its hardworking middle classes - have been taken for mugs by the corporate fatcats of health insurance, particularly the inventors of an intensively marketed form of lower-priced insurance called the health maintenance organization, or HMO. Their sleek executives have gorged on the premium cash income from provident people obediently putting something by every month in case of sickness. They then find excuses not to pay out on claims, chiefly by citing instances of allegedly undeclared medical conditions that invalidate the policy, or, incredibly, instances of the patient allegedly neglecting to detect prior warning signs of these conditions themselves. It's a vast corporate-legal industry dedicated to avoiding claims and maximising profits, and it depends on lobbyists buying off senators and persuading the media and political classes that free universal healthcare is a silly, outdated piece of nonsense. [1]

Sicko is the title of a documentary created by liberal filmmaker Michael Moore. This documentary explains the terrible condition the United States health care system is in. It demonstrated how the United States of America is the only industrialized western nation that does not provide Universal Health Care to its citizens. It also shows how any other country would be more willing to provide free health care to people than the US would, even to it's own citizens, much less people from other countries. Although its contents can be proven true, it was quickly blasted by Fox News for being anti-American and against the capitalist system, just for pointing out the truth. Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity were quick to criticize, but still cannot ignore the glaring truth of the film. Even in Communist Cuba, life expectancy and health care are still better than things were in Trump's country. The film also details the excellent conditions in France, Canada, Norway, and England, as compared with those provided by George W. Bush and the conservative American government.


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