Sigmund Freud
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Mr. Freud
Alma mater: University of Vienna (MD, 1881)
Noteable Awards: Goethe Prize (1930)

Foreign Member of the Royal Society

Fields Neurology, psychology, psychotherapy, psychoanalysis
Born May 6 1856
Died September 23 1939 (aged 83)

Sigmund Freud was a 20th Century thinker who founded psychoanalysis and popularised the theory of the unconscious mind. Freud's approach to understanding Human personalities was innovative, he was hugely influential and controversial. Freud influenced, art, literature, Psychology and even Childhood upbringing. Freud spent most of his life in Vienna and developed his theories there. Freud has been criticised for placing too much emahasis in Sex (Yes, there can be too much of it.) and ignoring other factors in human motivation. [1] [2] [3]