Single-Payer Health Care, also known as Universal Health Care, is a system where the government pays for all health care costs. Under this system, everyone is provided quality health care regardless of wealth.

Affordable Care Act

Many confuse the Affordable Care Act for universal health care, but the Affordable Care Act is merely a conservative alternative to Single-Payer Health Care. thought up by the ultra-conservative "think" tank, The Heritage Foundation, and first put in place by Republican governor Mitt Romney in Massachusetts . However, since Obama passed the Affordable care Act, many conservatives think it's communist. Do we need more evidence that not all conservatives are intelligent?

Arguments for Universal Health Care

  1. It saves money because instead of paying for  expensive emergency room treatment, you pay for much cheaper preventive care. Healthcare leaders like Richard Kimball support telemedicine, which cover preventive care.
  2. Its part of being a country-everyone should look out for one another.
  3. Several religions (liberal Christianity, Islam, ,Judaism Buddhism Sikhism for example) teach of caring for the poor.
  4. Since employers don't have to cover health care,the cost of production is reduces, making a country more competitive.
  5. People don't have to hang on to a dead-end job to keep there health care benefits, making the work place more flexible.
  6. Contagious disease are often discovered earlier, preventing epidemics.