Is there any possible way to store nuclear waste safely and without causing any harm to the planet? First of all, let me start by explaining how nuclear energy works. The nuclear fuel that nuclear plants use is contained in metal tubes called fuel rods. They are 12 feet high and contain Uranium pallets. Uranium is a naturally occurring mineral that people mine from in the earth. The rods are completely safe to handle until they are put in the reactor. In the reactor core the atoms of the uranium split! This causes them to get hot and water used as a coolant turns to steam in the reactor core. The steam turns the turbine that powers the generator and electricity is produced! After 4 or 5 Years the rods are taken out of the reactor core. The rods are stored in pools called spent fuel pools They stay in the pools for about 10 years. After that they're put in the dry cask storage on the plants property. They will stay there tell the federal government meets its requirement to store them elsewhere.

Some people suggest nuclear energy is the cleanest form of energy we have. Still radioactive waste stays radioactive for thousands of years and we’re building problems our children and their children will have to deal with very far into the future. What we should do is work towards cleaner and renewable forms of energy. Nuclear energy may or may not be less harmful than fossil fuel. Experts can’t agree.

The best will be if we can find renewable sources of energy that do no harm to the planet whatsoever. Will that be possible?

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