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Official Flag of Somalia

and largest city:

Official Languages: Somali Arabic
Religion Islam
Currency Somali shilling (SOS)
Legislature Federal Parliament

Somalia is a country in Africa. It had a 100% free market economy with zero government involvement. Till 2012 Somalia could hardly be considered a country, rather, a lawless land of feuding factions. And because of that, every business printed its own Money giving it unimaginable inflation.

Somalia has faced decades of Civil war between tribes and factions and weak government couldn't deal effectively with many natural disasters. During the civil wars a group allied to Al-Qaeda became temporarily strong but was later driven out of power. Since 2012 there has been a new government that established some degree of stability. [1] As of late 2014 Liberapedia can't guess how long stability will last.

On September 11 2011 (The tenth anniversary of 9/11) it was reported that Somalia used to be a sideshow in the War on Terror.[2]

Treatment of Women

Somalis also treat Women very badly! Here are some examples:

On December 24 2015 two women were Assaulted by kidnappers posing as policeman.[3]


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