A map of Spain.

Spain is a democratic country in southern Europe. It is a part of the European Union, the Eurozone and NATO.

Spain is now fairly Liberal though Centre right parties sometimes win elections. Spain had huge problems with Conservatives in the past.

Spain was the first country to unify during the Middle Ages. Spain is now a Constitutional Monarchy and has remained democratic.

In 2020 Spain is suffering badly from the Coronavirus, Covid-19.


They are the inventors of the Spanish language and the Spanish headdesk (which afflicts most people who must learn about it). Like most normal countries, Spain has a large public sector, including a National Health Service.

Gay marriage is legal in Spain. [1] Cannabis is also legal in Spain though it's a bit complicated and if the police want an excuse to cause you problems over cannabis they can. [2]

Dictatorship and inquisition

They also unfortunately developed the Spanish Inquisition. Spain was traditionally strongly Roman Catholic. They react against that sometimes now, claiming they were just kidding.

Spain was a dictatorship under Francisco Franco who was an evil Fascist. After Franco's death in 1975 Spain became a Democracy.