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Fairly reasonable but unproved

Unconfirmed reports suggest that Hitler may have been deviant in his sexual tastes. According to interviews with Otto Strasser, Adolf Hitler made his niece, Angela Raubal (whom he called Geli), "squat over his face ... [and] demanded that she urinate on him, and this gave him sexual pleasure" [1]

It is also rumored that, when not busy planning new ways to kill even more Jews, he was busy getting shat on. [2]

If true the above gives a dirty neat explanation why brown became the official colour of the Nazi party.


Anti-Gay activist Scott Lively, architect for the "Kill the Gays" bill in Uganda, wrote a book called The Pink Swastika. This book claims that many leaders in the German Nazi regime, including Hitler himself, were "homosexual", which contributed to the extreme militarism of Nazi Germany. He claims that reports of homosexuals in concentration camps and anti-gay laws in Nazi Germany are a 'gay' myth. The book is considered holocaust revisionism and pseudo or crypto-history among serious historians (and anyone with half a brain).