A Stealth parody is a parody that is designed to look like a serious work of its kind, most of the time looking ridiculously extreme or absurd in comparison to other similar works. The authors of a stealth parody will usually flat out deny the fact that the work in question is a parody. Often stealth parodies are created by people with completely opposite views that the alleged parody contains, and the parody has been created to discredit the group that holds the opposite views, see Sockpuppet. Organisations such as Conservapedia and the Flat Earth Society are often asked if they are stealth parodies.

As defined by Poe's law and proven many times in real life, both stealth parodies are often mistaken for real works and vice versa.

On Liberapedia

We suspect that some of the best and the most creative humour on Liberapedia was done by stealth parodists who were really Conservatives.

What about liberapedia? Liberals spew even greater nonsense (than Conservapedia) [1]

Later someone else wrote:-

Looks like the conservatives has started trolling Liberapedia as well, there isn't anything on there that makes sense. [2]

But we kept the parodies as we want our wiki to be humorous in places. At first we left the pages as they were, we assumed that as Liberapedia became better-known, people would get to know the parody they see here is deliberate. Later, when we saw people weren't catching on, we put templates onto many parody pages. By the way that mentally-ill diction former President George W. Bush indulged in often was unintentionally hilarious --before he heard people laughing at it, and started doing it on purpose.

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  • Bugler was a stealth parodist of monumental proportions at Conservapedia.