Stephen Joseph Harper
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Mr. Harper
Political Party: Liberal (before 1985)

Progressive Conservative (1985–87) Reform (1987–97) Alliance (2002–03) Conservative (2003–present)

Education: University of Calgary
Religion Evangelism
Born April 30, 1959

Stephen Joseph Harper is the former Prime Minister of Canada. He extended Canada's occupation of Afghanistan, called same sex marriage "vile and disgusting",[1] and favored a more American influenced Canada, by favoring American investment in Canada. In 2003, he favored going to war with Iraq.

He cut $35 Billion from Canada's health care system which would've given higher-quality medicine to a wealthy elite and would leave the rest of the people with low quality health care. He often repressed the media and made sure that during press conferences reporters agreed to only ask certain questions. He restricted access to unemployment insurance, and his government passed laws that made it more difficult for refugees to find asylum in Canada, as well as refusing to seek clemency for Canadians sentenced to death in other countries.

When Harper lead the official opposition as leader of the center-right Conservative Party, he criticized Belinda Stronach for switching over to the Liberal Party in exchange for a cabinet position. However, immediately after his election, Harper invited a BC liberal to switch sides and he immediately did. Harper promised a bill to make an elected Canadian Senate but almost ten years after his promise, he not only did not propose the bill but appointed more Senators than any other Prime Minister in Canadian history.

Harper also ran anti-opposition commercials which were eerily similar to what would be expected from dictators like Batista or Pinochet.

In 2016 it was revealed that Harper was no friend of People who were pro-life.[2]

Meeting with President Obama

Harper during a meeting with President Obama

In 2014 Harper Met with President Obama but it seems like Harper & Obama do not like each other.[3]


Harper introduced Bill C-51 (which later passed), which states the Canadian government can take away citizenship from anyone is they are suspected terrorists.[4]


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