Being subjective means using your own personal views and biases while overlooking others when thinking or making decisions.

If someone/something is being extremely subjective without admitting that, they become biased. A good example is, the Fox News Channel, which, despite heavily supporting Conservatives, claims to be "fair and balanced". [1]

Subjective means

  1. Subjective means for example making a decision depending on what you personally like or dislike. Subjective means making a decision depending on what you want to believe.
  2. Subjective means overlooking what other people with different opinions think is right. Subjective means overlooking what other people like or dislike.

Avoiding subjectivity

Ideally, to make best decisions, one has to be as objective as possible. A good way to start would be to do some research on all (or most) possible sides and look for what each side is trying to hide. Of course, there may be quite a bit of trouble with that. For example, there are many kinds of Conservatives; which one can you trust?

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  1. Liberapedia is subjective, we admit we put forward an extreme Liberal point of view. Sometimes we exaggerate to parody the pretended objectivity of Conservapedia, Fox News and other Conservative media. Liberapedia is written as if Liberals have no faults or few faults. We know that's not true but we also know there are plenty of Conservative publications that spread dirt about Liberals and we don't want to add to the deluge. Yes, we spread dirt about Conservatives and because we're Liberals we don't think that's wrong.