Suicide is the act of killing oneself. It is among the three leading causes of death among those aged 15-44 years in some countries and the second leading cause of death in the 10-24 years age group. [1]

Many sources of help, such as suicide hotlines, are available to those contemplating suicide.

Expressed suicidal ideation

According to popular myth, expressing suicidal ideation is also commonly a way which some selfish people who aren't actually depressed seek attention. In reality, this would be unlikely, since suicidal ideation is viewed as a symptom of mental illness, which carries a stigma [2] and therefore would tend to attract negative rather than positive attention from laypeople. Also, the fact that most people suspect insincerity on the part of a person claiming to be suicidal is another deterrent to expressing such thoughts to one's friends, family, etc. According to Israel Orbach, even among children, suicidal behavior is likely "not merely attention-seeking or manipulative behavior but something far more significant."[3]


Some brainless morons like Andrew Schlafly hold (once again...) irrational beliefs that liberals believe that suicide is good;

"Teaching children to accept and believe things that are demonstrably false cannot help mental health. Included in this category are the liberal teachings in school that... ...Self-inflicted death (i.e. suicide) can somehow be good." [1]

Who on Earth expects Conservapedia to be sensible? I'm not even joking. Look at the page referenced. It's there.


Most suicides happen because the victim is to distressed to see ways out. There are ways out of the painful situation but the victim is too hurt to find them.

Suicide is irreversible and most people who survive suicide attempts are afterwards glad to be alive. People should try to improve their lives first through looking for solutions to their problems and things such as therapy and antidepressants.

Terminal illness

If someone has a terminal illness, and living through it will be gruesome, committing suicide is reasonable. Some people in that situation prefer to die early, others prefer to make the most of what life they have left. This should be a personal decision. Even then care should be taken that the patients make a voluntary decision after counseling and there should be no slippery slope.

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