Very many, possibly most liberals have some religious faith, and there are Conservative atheists. We're liberal Freethinkers on this website, and we like getting together with others who agree with us.

Sunday is between Saturday and Monday. Sunday is the last and most boring day of the week in Christian countries, Some people say its the first day of the week, but then how could it possibly be part of the weekEND? Christians lobby to get interesting places closed on Sunday. You can try Gardening. You can try Cooking. You can have fun on your computer. Not this way we hope? You can edit Liberapedia responsibly. The Christians can’t stop any of that.

In many countries secular movements, and businesses that think Sunday opening is profitable are getting laws repealed so Sunday is slowly getting better.

In the Bible Belt, kids who do not comply and go to Church when asked are either beaten to a pulp or get their Xbox taken away for three days.

In Mythology Sunday is the day of the Sun.