A map of Sweden

Sweden is a cool European country, it's part of Scandinavia and belongs to the European Union. The country is a democracy. About 80% turn out at General Elections. The capital of Sweden is Stockholm.

On December 27 2017 The Swedish Transport Agency gave the green light to test driverless buses on the roads in its capital city[1]

The people

The perception of gender in Sweden is free of gender roles

Both genders in Sweden are free from gender roles

The Swedes enjoy a high living standard. Swedish people traditionally involved themselves in popular movements. Trade Unions have been strong as has the Women’s Movement. Swedish women have a feminist party started in 2005 and Swedish women don’t believe Conservapedia dreck that a woman should be submissive. Swedish women are seen as tall, blond beautiful, intelligent and proud.

Over 80% of Swedes are either atheist or agnostic. They have the highest standard of living in the world and are on average smarter than conservative Americans.

Stopping pollution

Business people who emit carbon dioxide and add to Global warming have to pay taxes in Sweden. That makes pollution less profitable. Sweden also has a great welfare system. In Sweden they look after you.

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