Afghan Taliban fighters

The Taliban are Muslim extremist fighters and Terrorists in Afghanistan. They were connected with the late Osama bin Laden (Who was responsible for 9/11). The Taliban have been guilty of massacres of very large numbers of their opponents from tribes that were their enemies. They destroyed parts of Afghan culture that they didn’t like. The Taliban were mainly from the Pashtun tribe and they forced other tribes they had conquered to accept Pashtun officials so they became an occupying force.

Treatment of women

When the Taliban were in power they destroyed freedom by preventing women from working outside the home. The Taliban forced women to wear the burqa in public, they forbade women and girls over the age of 8 to get an education, even teachers and students at sewing classes risked execution if caught. Women were forced to have a male chaperone when seeing a male doctor so illnesses were often not treated. Girls under 16 years old were married with Taliban approval and Amnesty International reported that forced marriages were the norm.

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