Ted Nugent in his redneck only clothes.

Lyin' Ted is an extremely conservative jackass Musician, psyhopath, heartless bitch, and a skilled guitar player with his foot up his shiny ass who liked George W. Bush. He was the host of Ted Nugent Hunting Kamp for Kids (that's just grosse), his own conservatisation conservation camp. He has somehow sold over 30 million albums worldwide, all bought by Far right people. He is often criticised by the liberal media for his extremely conservative stances. He praises war, slavery, Ann Coulter, environmental pollution and heavy fire arms.

He never went to college, and believes that America should stop illegal immigrants by setting bloodhounds and his hunting posse on them. He has, however, spoken out against PETA, and dodged the draft to avoid going to Vietnam.

Ted Nugent also stated: "Our failure has been not to Nagasaki them," and by them he meant Iraq. He tries to come across as a tough guy who knows about war, but the truth is that he's a chickenhawk sissy who never served a day in his life and dodged the draft when it was his time to serve his country.

Ted Nugent is Racist and openly said he believes some non-Whites are subhuman. [1] He said he thinks he is black & wants his voters to vote Republican. A bit earlier he imagined he's Jewish. [2] Does Nugent have an identity crisis?

Ted has severe mental problems, due to which he does not shut the hell up about his sheer hatred for Muslims, Barack Obama, liberals, black people, and anyone who isn't a gun-toting redneck. He is a seriously pathetic disgrace to the human race.

Only his music is good. He should just shut up and sing!


He also released some albums.

  1. Ted Nugent
  2. Guns, Guns, Guns...
  3. Burn Down California
  4. Dodging Draft
  5. Kill All... Um... Liberals
  6. Kill All... Um... Endangered Animals
  7. The Bushomania