The Telegraph is a "quality" British Fleet Street newspaper known for its Right wing views and the neanderthal views of its aged socially conservative readership. It operates under two editorial teams, as two slightly differently marketed products. The Sunday Telegraph is published on Sundays and the Daily Telegraph on the other 6 days of the week.

It was founded in the 19th Century as a Liberal paper and named after one of the innovative new technologies of the day. Sadly it fell into Tory hands and is now known as the "Torygraph" to anyone to the left of the committee for the restoration of the Raj.


Its principal competitors are The Times as a rival right wing quality paper and the Daily Mail as a cheaper midmarket substitute for those who want their Xenophobia in a smaller less intellectually challenging package.

Porn factor

Little if any porn, but the editorial team do like to keep the readership fully in the picture as to the latest antics of posh girls in frocks. Liz Hurley is a particular obsession.