Teletubbies is a British-American children's TV program that originally aired on BBC (United Kingdom) and PBS (United States) from 1997 until 2001, before spinning-off in 2016. The show centers around four anthropomorphic creatures of the same name who live in an area called "Teletubbyland" and reside inside a huge earth-like dome. The names of the Teletubbies are Tinky-Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po. Intended for toddlers aged 1-4, Teletubbies has spread controversy from American far-right conservatives, fundamentalists and other far-right Republicans ever since 1998.

Main Characters

Tinky-Winky: Tinky Winky is the largest of the four Teletubbies. He is purple in color and has an upside-down triangle as an antenna. His favorite item is his red-"magical" bag he sometimes carries around. In 1998, Jerry Falwell, then-chancellor and president of Liberty University, called out Tinky-Winky because of his belief that he was a homosexual and was spreading gay and Liberal propaganda to young children. He thought Tinky-Winky was "gay" because he is purple (the main color of LGBT pride) as well as having a triangle for an antenna (the LGBT-pride symbol) [1].

Dipsy: Dipsy is the second-largest of the four Teletubbies. He is green in color and has a straight, dildo-like, antenna. His favorite item is his white and black hat. Many racist WASPS (mostly White-Rednecks) in the backwoods of The South probably hate Dipsy because he is portrayed as the "black" Teletubby.

Laa-Laa: Laa-Laa is the second-smallest of the four Teletubbies. She is yellow in color and has an L-shaped antenna. Her favorite item is a huge-orange ball she bounces around. Some Conservatives may view Laa-Laa as a feminist, despite her "very feminine nature."

Po: Po is the smallest of the four Teletubbies. She is red in color and has a lollipop-like antenna. Her favorite item is her scooter. Some Conservatives portray Po as a "Communist" due to her portrayer being Chinese. Some believe she is repeatedly saying "faggot, faggot, faggot" while speaking gibberish. However, this was debunked when it was revealed she was saying "Fidet, Fidet, Fidet" which is Cantonese for "Faster, Faster, Faster".


Behind the masks
  • Evalion, the most racist YouTuber ever, made a video trying to prove the Teletubbies were the main cause of 9/11, as well as promoting "Communist Propaganda". This YouTuber was promoted by the KKK, because she hates African Americans as well as anybody who is not White or Christian. Due to her constant racism, bigotry and love toward Adolf Hitler, her channel was banned in May of 2016 [2].
  • In 2014, the YouTube conspiracy theorist KMACK TIME (don't worry, he's not like Alex Jones) made a video entitled "Cartoon Conspiracy Theory | Teletubbies are Actually Slaves". In this video, he states that there are three different aspects that control the Teletubbies every move:
  1. The microphones that come out of the ground telling them a rhyme, singing them a song, or to perform a certain task.
  2. Their robotic vacuum cleaner, otherwise known as "The Noo-Noo". This vacuum cleaner does the same job performed by the residential assistants at Pensacola Christian College (to "scold" the rule-breaker).
  3. The magical pinwheel, when spinning at a fast rate (usually twice per episode), releases a "pixie-dust-like" substance that "activates" the televisions on the stomachs of the Teletubbies (hence their name). Whenever the pinwheel spins at a fast rate, all four Teletubbies immediately stop whatever they are doing and head towards a hill near the pinwheel to perform several rituals. One of the four Teletubbies is then randomly selected, and the show cuts to young kids performing activities [3].


  • In 2007, the Danish talk show den 11. time created a parody entitled Nazitübbies. The parody lasted for only three videos (Das Nazigold "The Nazigold", Der grosse Marsch "The Great March", and Vuffelivov "Dogs?")
    • The Nazitübbies names are Heinrich Himmler, Goebbels, Göring, and Hess
    • The television cut (mentioned above) is of German propaganda videos about building the autobahn, the accomplishments of Dr. Todt, etc.
    • The baby sun in the opening frame is of Hitler. [4].
  • Other YouTubers dub over the baby-sun opening with figures such as Dubya, Hitler, and Osama bin Laden. These videos also contain other music unassociated with the Teletubbies.