American religious terrorists have killed adult Doctors -- even doctors with families -- for the sake of a clump of cells or a foetus that its mother doesn't want. Would it be better if these foetuses became unhappy unwanted children? Why does it happen? Well part of the reason is that the United States law allows people with crazy religious beliefs to carry guns.

The fact that they kill people while at the same time promoting "life" is a cruel hypocrisy.

Michael Griffin

Michael Griffin first prayed, then shot a doctor during an anti-abortion demonstration in 1993 and after that others imitated Griffin. [1]

James Kopp

James Kopp callously murdered Dr. Slepian, a doctor who carried out abortions, in front of the doctor’s family. He was arrested years later in France, and in 2002 Kopp was extradited to the US. The United States promised not to apply the death penalty in his case because the European Union does not usually extradite prisoners who would face the death penalty after extradition. [2] Kopp will probably spend the rest of his life in prison.

Paul Hill

Paul Hill shot a doctor who worked at an abortion clinic together with the doctor's bodyguard, and also shot and injured the doctor's elderly wife. Hill didn't respect the Constitution of the United States -- at least he didn't respect those judges whose role is protecting the Constitution. Hill said publicly that he thinks killing Supreme Court judges is morally right because most of them support abortion. Hill went to his execution smiling and expecting a wonderful reward in the afterlife. Well Death is the end (probably) so he probably didn't wake up anywhere feeling disappointed. Richard Dawkins believes that Hill wasn't a psychopath, just dangerously religious. [3]

Scott Roeder

Scott Roeder shot the late-term abortion doctor George Tiller in 2009. He actually pleaded at his defense hearing that he was justified in doing so because Tiller would have performed more abortions. [4]

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