A satellite image of the Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is a very salty lake or sea in Israel or on the border between Israel and Jordan though Israel administers much of the area.


The River Jordan flows into the Dead Sea where the water evaporates and salt remains, the Dead Sea is also one of the saltiest bodies of water in the World. The Dead Sea is considered beautiful and is a tourist attraction. The area around the Dead Sea is the lowest area of dry land in the world. Swimming in the water of the Dead Sea and living in the surrounding area is believed to bring health benefits.

Because the Dead Sea is so salty advanced life like Fishes can't survive there but some hardy bacteria and fungi are found. [1] Life thrives round the shores of the Dead Sea. [2]


The Dead Sea is shrinking rapidly as water from the river Jordan that used to flow into the Dead Sea is used to irrigate crops. There is a plan to preserve the Dead Sea by pumping water from the Red Sea into the Dead Sea. Israel and Jordan have agreed to the plan but its ecological impact is uncertain and many environmentalists are uneasy. There has been a call for further studies and at least one study is planned. One group fears the unique ecosystem currently in the Dead Sea would be destroyed and the Red Sea water will encourage the growth of algae that will colour the water red destroying its tourist value. In any case if nothing is done the Dead Sea likely won't last beyond 2050. [3] [4][5]

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