"Despite these repeated exposures of the Protocols as a fraud, it remains the most influential antisemitic text of the past one hundred years, and it continues to appeal to a variety of antisemitic individuals and groups. "- [1]

"The Protocols hoax continues to fool people and is still cited by certain individuals and groups as the cause of all their woes."- [2]

"The truth is, the Protocols were a useful weapon against the Jews, and those who propagated them in all likelihood didn't care if they were true or not. "- [3]

The Protocols of the Elders of Zion is a libelous Anti-semitic work of Fiction blaming Jews for a great many bad things that Jews never did. Hitler used the protocols to try and justify the Holocaust.

Jews are also accused of conspiracies for World domination without evidence. Supporters of the protocols fit later events into their imagined conspiracies, Jews are accused of starting the Russian February Revolution of 1917 and using Communism to promote their aims and that's just one example. In reality Soviet Communists persecuted those who believed in Judaism since they saw all Religion as opium of the people.

Henry Ford published the protocols but later admitted he had been duped. Antisemites still today cite Henry Ford as a supporter of the protocols conveniently overlooking his later retraction.

In the first half of the 20th Century the protocols were exposed as fraud and Plagiarism from earlier work but still today anti-semites spread the lies in the protocols and try to fit bad things that happened recently into imagined Jewish conspiracies. [1][2] [3]

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