Caution: His knife may harm you or Bernie Sanders.

French-Canadian Mario Emery-Paul Brisson, under the alias The Vigilant Christian is a really really annoying YouTuberconservativeconspiracy theoristantisemite, and hyper-analyzer, more so than Vigilant Citizen. He has a large following and his activities include: hyper-analyzing music videos, "exposing" everyone he doesn't like as a shill (including the celebrity/gatekeeper Mark Dice's videos), and End Times prophesying. He does this and a lot more. His favourite word, repeated endlessly about everything, is 'say-tanic'. He's even worse than Angelic Man.

He claims to have gotten the name from a book series called "Vigilant Christian", which is promoted by some pretty nutty sites. I guess that would explain why he believes everything is a conspiracy, considering the book series is huge. Ironically, the author of "Vigilant Christian" is a Roman Catholic, so it's hard to look at his videos "exposing the Jesuit agenda" without noticing the irony.

Despite how laughable he is, and most of his viewers are just people who love to hear his frothing (the mere sound of his voice is priceless), he gets a lot of advertising from popular sites promoting conspiracy theories, which means that, unfortunately, more and more people will start to take him seriously. To others, he's part of some kind of New Age conspiracy (you know, other than scamming you). If you check Before It's News, expect to see his videos dumped there. It is unknown if his videos are a joke or intended seriously.

His real name is Mario and most of the times he blames the so-called "Illuminati" or even the Rothschild family for everything bad that has ever happened on the world. He also claims Trump is some sort of Antichrist and a Devil worshipper as is every other famous person.

Adapted from RationalWiki