The World's Strictest Parents was a reality show that aired in the United Kingdom, Australia, United States and other nations from 2009 until 2014.


The episodes center around two teenagers (usually one boy and one girl) from mostly the UK and Australia who travel either locally or overseas to a family of strict parents for around one week. Most of these parents are Bible Thumpers follow the Evangelical-Christian or Fundamentalist faith (this is where they get most of their rules from). A large portion of these episodes, unsurprisingly, take place in the Bible Belt. When the teens arrive at the strict family's house, they are greeted and then sat down for rule discussions. The rules range from rational (no smoking or drinking) to irrational (no friends over, must go to Church, must do community service). Many of these parents require their children get 'all A's' or 'only A's and B's' in school assignments. For most episodes taking place during the school year, the troubled teens are required to go to school, in which trouble usually ensues.


Consequences the strict parents give the troubled teens for misbehaving can be either traditional or rather unique. Consequences usually involve extra chores, disqualification from certain activities or grounding. In the Australian series (Season 2 Episode 4), the teens are sentenced to boot camp by the father for skipping school. In the United States series (Season 2 Episode 8), the father makes the teens carry a slosh-pipe (a pipe filled with water) over their heads for one lap around a baseball field. In one case (Australia Series, Season 1 Episode 5), the strict family's daughter was punished along with the trouble teens because it was her responsibility to make sure they did not cut class. They were all grounded for a couple of days.