Sometimes the sillier Conservatives can't even tell when we're joking.

Thinking is a process of using the brain, something that liberals commonly do. Though often chastised for it by Conservatives, it has brought them much more success with the people of the country with brains.

Conservatives have tended to focus on the soulless, mindless part of the country, or the Deep south. These people do not believe that thought is a necessary for running the government and believe instead only in "God's law." This is why Mike Huckabee was able to succeed in the so called "Bible Belt."


Well, we know this exaggerates, but there's an element of truth.

Liberals continue to use thought in science, which the conservative media calls a "liberal scare tactic." This has led to great advancements in stem cell research that can cure diseases like conservatism at a later date. The Republicans were able to ban it so they can continue to appoint each other to government positions, but Barack Obama banned the law that banned the funding of the stem-cell research.

Conservatives have tried to use thought in the past, but the results have been disastrous. Conservative thought has led to events like the Holocaust and the Bush presidency.

Because they have been so inept at thinking on their own, they have simply attempted to stifle the thoughts of liberals with the horrible events listed above.