The Third World refers mainly to Africa, the Middle East, parts of Latin America are also very poor as are pockets in developed countries. Third World Countries are countries where large numbers of people are really poor.

Sometimes third world people don't have enough to eat. The nations worst affected by hunger are, Burundi, Eritrea, Timor-Leste, Comoros, Sudan, Chad, Ethiopia, Yemen, Zambia, Haiti. [1] When there's enough to eat poor Third World people often have to live in hovels that don't give proper shelter, infectious diseases are common and medical services far from adequate. The death rate is high for many different reasons [2] and life expectancy is far lower than it is in advanced countries.

Historically, the Third World term's meaning was the countries not aligned to the USA, or USSR. Under that definition, Switzerland and Finland were included though today the Third World means poor nations.
Many third world countries suffered due to the the USA/USSR conflict for forty years, during the Cold War.

Many Third World countries suffer through low income poor Education, political oppression, that means these countries are Dictatorships or in worse cases Totalitarian, such as North Korea. [3]

In January 2018 President Donald Trump referred to such countries as "shithole countries" to senators, and suggested America get more immigrants from Norway. [4]

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