Unemployment is when people capable of doing paid work can't find any. The United States has an unemployment rate of about 8.1%, as of August 2012.[1]

In developed countries with a social security system unemployed people face loss of self esteme through being unemployed and a sense of rejection when job applications fail. There is also poverty and difficulty paying bills.

In the Third World where there is no social security unemployment can cause extreme poverty and starvation.


In employment, there are two types of competition. There is competition among workers to get a job, and there is competition among employers to get employees. In times where there is a scarcity of jobs, such as now, the first type of competition occurs. When this happens, the workers who are willing to work longer hours, with less pay, with fewer benefits, are the workers who are more likely to be hired. As a result, working conditions will worsen.

This is a massive problem with Reaganomics. Creating jobs is not necessarily profitable for the elite. Even if an employer has more employees, the employer will have to raise their wages.

Creating jobs

Measures can be taken to create jobs. To do this, small businesses will need to be supported. This can be done by decreasing sales taxes and increasing income taxes. Negative income taxes can also be imposed, giving the masses money which they can spend to support new upstart businesses. Subsidies can also be used. Taking measures to support small businesses will also help to destroy plutocracy.

Another way to create jobs is by improving the education system. Education should be free. Colleges can be supported with the use of taxes and subsidies. Students will not be stuck with the burden of student loans, and there will be more innovators to create jobs.

This system can also be applied to medical school. Some individuals are deterred from becoming doctors due to the enormous cost of medical school, which inevitably results in fewer doctors. With this system, there will be more trained medical personnel, thereby inproving the system of medical care.

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