Very many, possibly most liberals have some religious faith, and there are Conservative atheists. We're liberal Freethinkers on this website, and we like getting together with others who agree with us.

Unitarian Universalists are an inter Faith group with different beliefs. The Unitarian Universalist Church formed after a merger between Unitarians and Christian Universalists.


Some Unitarians are Liberal Christians with weird feelings. Unitarians are about providing a community with some spirituality for members with a wide range of beliefs, not all are Christians. Unitarians, among others support gay marriage.

Christian Universalists

Christian Universalists believe all people will get to heaven eventually.

Christian Universalists either don’t believe in Hell or see Hell as a kind of Purgatory where souls stay for a limited time till they are reconciled with God. Universalists don’t believe the Bible originally taught about an eternity in Hell. Rather they believe that the original text was mistranslated to give that impression. Christian Universalism causes far less suffering than other branches of Christianity.

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