The Continental USA is south of Canada and north of Mexico. The separate area to the northwest is Alaska.

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The United States of America (short form: the USA, America or the US) is a semi-plutocratic democracy and Superpower in North America located south of Canada and north of Mexico. It is almost always erroneously referred to as America. This country was founded by people who had what were liberal ideas in 1776. [1] The United States is North America's 3rd most Democratic country, after Canada and Uruguay; and 19th (now 25th after 4 years of Trump) in the World. [2]


Is this an exaggeration? We're not sure.

The United States is a single-party authoritarian state, ruled by the Republicratic Party[3]. It pretends to be a democracy, and a two-party state, led by the Democrats and Republicans. Some naive Americans say that their country stands for Freedom. In reality, the United States does not have as much freedom as people imagine, though there is more freedom than you find in Totalitarian countries and other Dictatorships. [4]

The United States is a single-party state governed by the Rich 1%. The Plutocrats have too much power in the United States because nobody can win an election without millionaires funding costly campaigns. The incomes of average Americans are below those of Canadians and could soon be below the incomes of typical UK citizens too. [5] The votes of ordinary Americans still count to a limited extent.

Rich people have made the United States into a Tax haven but, surprise! surprise! hardly anyone knows. [6]

All of the states had sodomy laws criminalizing homosexuality until 1962 when Illinois repealed its laws against it, and all sodomy laws finally were struck down in 2003 by the Supreme Court.

Gay marriage was banned in every state until 2004 when Massachusetts legalized it, and all bans were struck down in 2015, again by the Supreme Court.


France was crucial to the American Revolution, helping the USA achieve independence from the United Kingdom in the 18th Century. Nowadays, the French have become much less warlike and were one of the few Countries who could stand up to Dubya about the Iraq War. However, in the Second World War, the Free French and the French Resistance were among the most powerful forces of the Allied armies.

Secular nation

The United States is secular by law and was one of the first countries in the world to legally separate Religion from government, and despite popular belief, the US is NOT a Christian nation. It is also one of the few countries to have never had an established religion during its existence as a nation-state. The 1st amendment of the United States Constitution officially mandates Secularism within the Federal government, and is written as "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress or of grievances". This also applies at the state level via the 14th amendment. Additionally, Article Six of the United States Constitution prohibits the use of any religious test as a qualification for any public office.

Christians from the Religious Right regularly try to flout these aspects of the Constitution, for example, atheist Cecil Bothwell had to fight to keep his elected position on a city council because the North Carolina constitution barred Atheists from public office, see Discrimination against atheists. In this matter, the federal constitution overrides state constitutions. There are also repeated public battles over issues like putting the Ten Commandments in courtrooms, classroom Prayers and the like. Despite the official legal separation of church and state in the USA many of the people are very religious.

Under God

We sometimes like satire in Liberapedia so please don't take everything seriously.

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The words 'under God' were not in the 'Pledge of Allegiance' until 1954, when the Knights of Columbus lobbied to have it inserted to distinguish America from the "Godless" Soviets, aided with John Lennon's famous quote on religion. Before then, people could care less. When Alexander Hamilton was asked about the exclusion of God in the United States Constitution, he replied: "We forgot."


We sometimes like satire in Liberapedia so please don't take everything seriously.

The current President of the United States of America is Donald Trump, a member of the Republican Party. Joe Biden, member of the Democratic Party.

In the 2008 election, Mainstream America got tired of George W. Bush and voted for Barack Obama in large numbers because the opposing candidate, John McSame, was running as a 3rd-term George Bush.

In examining its corporate power and foreign policy, the United States of America has expanded well beyond its borders. Essentially, the country has transformed into the American Empire. But many conservatives will deny this claim, citing Russia and Antarctica as two areas yet to be tapped.

By far the most imperial political entity in the US are the neo-conservatives. This group includes the likes of George Bush, Dick Cheney and Karl Rove. They actively support the massive expansion of the US into other counties' affairs -- regardless of whether they actually have weapons of mass destruction -- and try to distract the public's attention by proposing massive cuts to a small, reasonably-sized discretionary spending budget. They find it much easier to complain about discretionary spending versus the other 99.5% of the budget. And they will not blink twice should the defense budget exceed $1 Trillion.


Citizens of the United States are usually just called Americans. Why? Why not call them, "Unitedstatesian"? For Hispanics, these people from the US are not the only Americans, they are "estadounidense."


Contains 50 States:

  1. Delaware: The First State; the second smallest state; the most irrelevant state besides Wyoming
  2. New Hampshire: The Reddest State in New England; still pure blue
  3. Vermont: The Greenest state, both politically and literally
  4. Maine: The Lobster thermidor au crevattes with a Mornay sauce garnished with truffle patees and a fried egg on top and spam State
  5. Massachusetts: The state with plenty of pahks (how "parks" is said) State
  6. Rhode Island: The Half a State
  7. Connecticut: The Greenwich State
  8. New York State: The Bluest Large State, though moderate
  9. New Jersey: The Toxic Waste Dump State
  10. Maryland: The "No-Y-Here" State
  11. Pennsylvania: The state where the constitution was signed
  12. Ohio: The Big 10 State
  13. Virginia: The Virgin State
  14. Indiana: The Native State
  15. North Carolina: The Smarter than SC State
  16. South Carolina: The Rebel Retard State
  17. Georgia: The Paula Deen State
  18. Florida: The Cuban State
  19. Alabama: The Separate-but-Equal State
  20. Mississippi: The "S" State
  21. Missouri: The Failed "S" State
  22. Louisiana: The Louis State (like the French "looeee")
  23. Arkansas: The State with Walmart's Headquarters
  24. Tennessee: The Country State
  25. Texas: The Empire of Bushworld State
  26. Oklahoma: The OK La Homa State
  27. North Dakota: The Nonexistent State
  28. South Dakota: The "At least we're not North Dakota!" State
  29. West Virginia: The Bad Part of Virginia State
  30. Kentucky: The Kool Konservatve Klub State
  31. Arizona: The BORDER MACHINE 🅱️ROKE State
  32. California: The Once-Was-Golden-State-but-now-the-Krazy-Kook-State State
  33. Nevada: The Snowy State
  34. Utah: The Mormon State
  35. Oregon: The Organ [instrument] State
  36. Washington: The General State; if the states formed a militia Washington would be general
  37. Idaho: The "No! You da ho" State
  38. Montana: The Mountain State
  39. Nebraska: The Skiing State
  40. Kansas: The Bleeding State
  41. Michigan: The Global Warming State, and also the first English speaking government in the world to abolish the death penalty, having done so on May 18th, 1846.
  42. Wisconsin: The Melancholy State
  43. Wyoming: The "Nobody-lives-here-so-go-away" State
  44. Hawaii: The Island State (which the sillier of Conservatives say isn't part of the USA)
  45. Alaska: The (Nebraska - Nebr + Al) State
  46. Colorado: The South Park State (The drug-smart state)
  47. Illinois: The Chicago + Corn State
  48. Iowa: The Farmer State
  49. Minnesota: The Freezing State
  50. New Mexico: The Hispanic-Libertarian-Rants State

USA Parties

A table & list of major, third and smaller American parties. We've no idea where the Modern Whigs should go, as they're Moderately Center-Center. Or something.

Oh, and the Veterans Party are also a little hazy.

American Political Parties

Major Parties

  1. Democratic Party - center compared to European liberal parties
  2. Republican Party - They're not quite as bad as Fascists or Nazis, even Andrew Schlafly isn't as bad as that. Well, maybe before Trump they weren't, and we'd rather not find out just how bad they can get.

Third Parties

  1. Libertarian Party - the AnarchoCapitalists
  2. Green Party - the "Go, Gore, go!" party (we agree with that)
  3. Constipation Constitution - the "No you can't!" party

Developing/Potential Party

  1. Justice Democrats (Kyle Uygur or Cenk Kulinski)

Tiny Parties

  1. America First Party - "Screw the rest of the world!" - the paleoconservative paleolithic tribe
  2. America's Independent Party - yet dependent on oil
  3. American Delta Party - Don't Expect Luggage To Arrive
  4. American Independent Party - independent of the party above, though just like it
  5. Boston Tea Party - setting new records at throwing tea bags
  6. Communist Party - Watch out, there's a capitalist behind you.
  7. Humane Party - Saving the animals one by one
  8. Progressive Labor Party - the worker's party
  9. Independence Party - nobody knows what are these guys all about
  10. Labor Party - our dudes
  11. Modern Whig Party - the moderately center-center party
  12. Marijuana Party - "I did inhale" party
  13. Objectivist Party - Party of Ayn Rand
  14. Pacifist Party - No more wars, please!
  15. Pirate Party - "For freedom, for the INTERNET!"
  16. Populist Party - not that popular
  17. Reform Party - reforming backward
  18. Justice Party - A right(er)-winged version of the Justice Democrats
  19. Party for Socialism and Liberation - liberate us tender
  20. Socialist Party - do we have to say anything?
  21. Socialist Equality Party - equally socialistic as the above
  22. Socialist Workers Party - work, work...
  23. Traditionalist Workers Party - The KKK's party 🤢
  24. Veteran Party - it's just old
  25. Workers World Party - take your hammers, take your sickles!
  26. Working Families - nothing special, just center-left wing
  27. Rent is Too Damn High Party - Trying to lower rent throughout New York.
    1. Not to be confused with the Official Monster Raving Loony Party in the UK.


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