The Universal Declaration of Human Rights should guarantee people freedom.

It states that all human beings are born free and equal having the capacity to think and decide right from wrong.

The declaration applies to all people regardless of race, sex, nationality, religious or political opinion etc.

People have the right to life, liberty and personal security.

Slavery, servitude and the slave trade are contrary to the Declaration of Human Rights as are torture, cruel, unusual degrading punishments etc.

All human beings are equal before the law. People should not be punished without due process of law. People should have a remedy if their rights are violated.

People have a right to privacy. The law should protect people against violations of this right.

People can move freely and choose where they live in the country where they are. People can emigrate and can return to their own country. Refugees should get asylum from persecution. Criminals and those who have acted against the purpose of the United Nations may forgo the right to asylum.

People can choose to keep or change their nationality. [1][2]

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