Universities are places where qualified people can go to get challenging education in difficult subjects. Universities give degrees and diplomas to show that their students have completed the courses successfully. Most university students go there directly after finishing school and getting whatever qualifications they need for university entrance. Older people sometimes go to university as well.

Universities are safe-zones for liberals with very low levels of Republicans. The younger generations are more liberal. Students and lecturers at universities are usually too intelligent to be Conservatives.

However, Pensacola Christian College, Bob Jones University and Liberty University are safe-zones for conservatives where liberals are banned and expelled. Don't go to either of these colleges, their rules are out-of-porportion. For example, if you leave campus to go to a movie theatre, you are expelled. They also let rapists stay and abuse victims are told to repent or be expelled (sometimes both happens). Again, DON'T go to Pensacola Christian, Bob Jones or Liberty University.

If you are at a university, never join the college Republicans; they claim to be adding to the diversity of the campus, but their "catch the illegal immigrant" games/signs prove otherwise.

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