This is Animelover's page. I want to be fairly active on this site, mainly to make myself less bored and for the lolz. I define myself as a Social Democrat.

If you wish to talk to me outside of this site I am always looking for people to talk to. Email me at miller.ryan39(at)

Most epic pairing ever!!!

My Contributions,Crea6tions and Large Expansions

Rick Warren

Pete Stark

Alan Keyes

Ben Stein

Manga(expanded greatly)

Bill O'Reilly: I feel that he got sufficiently owned

Michael Steele


Dianne Feinstein

Barbara Boxer

Kevin Rudd


Alan Colmes


Rachel Maddow


Joe Biden(expanded greatly)

I also tend to find articles with no pictures and add pictures to them :P. Including but not limited to Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, Keith Olbermann and Jon Stewart.

About Me!!!

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