I'm a student from the UK who you don't need to know the name of!


Christian. Denomination? Not really sure, but I don't believe in YEC... and the way I personally get around the accusation of wanting to "kill gays", is by saying that, if Jesus said something that possibly contradicts the OT, I trust what Jesus says over that. What? You say that if I prefer not to follow the OT, why don't I take it out? Well the OT was never a book of rules to get to Heaven, but it was a book of foreknowledge pointing to Jesus. The 10 Commandments? That was originally intended as an early form of law, to try to set an example to the rest of the world (who, by comparison, was pretty corrupt). Read a book about it, there is more detail.

Political positions


I certainly believe in a public option. The NHS is one of the biggest job creators in the UK, 0 people die per year because they can't afford basic care (that number is 45k in the "Pro-life" US), there is more choice (public or any private options), there is no chance of losing out on a cool job just because they'd insure you badly. What's there to hate?


Keep a free government option for R-13 legal, but allow choice. Uni shouldn't be free, but the cost does need to be addressed.

Civil liberties

Defend them. Fuck the deep state's precious Patriot Act (US) and Investigatory Powers Act (UK), those "terrorism prevention mass surveillance" programmes are mostly about mass surveillance, not terrorist prevention, get a warrant m80. Also, free speech for all. Another thing I have an opinion on is guns: I support gun rights, and I support a federal background check, but the other regulations on guns that many Liberals like should be left up to the states.


For relatively harmless drugs: Legalise, tax and regulate.

For relatively harmful drugs: Dicriminalise, regulate and fine.

Things I like

Minecraft, Youtube, science, progressive politics, Jesus, masturbation, friends, Jacksepticeye, food.

Things I dislike

Trolls, political extremists, detentions, SJWs, 3rd Wave Feminism, briefs, Global Warming denial.

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