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Hello. I consider myself a Liberal and, while accepting others' political views, I strongly oppose Conservapedia for making the following choices:

  • Advocating Young Earth Creationism as the preferred theory. The scientific world not only has to claim how the world works, but also to use the same data in their own research -- unlike Creationist Theorists, which still fail at the first thing.
  • Not taking into account existence of religions other than Christianity (I imagine those classroom prayer-supporting conservatives being surprised when they would start hearing Islamic or Buddhist prayer in schools).


I have an account on Conservapedia, registered under an alias, which I made some edits with. These edits were not an attempt to troll conservapedians, but to add real information, in a "conservative style", to some articles.

Political Views

  • Abortion should be legal. If you don't like abortion, don't do it, but don't interfere in other people's rights.
  • Capital punishment should be abolished. There is enough examples of both convicted people being found innocent too late and of supposedly-painless executions going horribly wrong.
  • Drugs should be well-regulated and taxed. Including alcohol and tobacco.
  • Education system should support people getting higher education, not put them in college debt slavery afterwards.
  • Guns should also be well-regulated and taxed. Gun control should make it hard for criminals and insane people to get armed, but not too much -- sane people should be able to get a gun easily. It's extremely ironic how driving a car, which was not intended to kill or harm others, requires one to pass an exam every now and then, while owning a gun, which is much more dangerous, doesn't.
  • Health care should be available to anyone regardless of their wealth. People shouldn't get in debt because of (suddenly) getting sick.
  • Immigration should be made easy for potential immigrants -- the only ones profiting from illegal immigration are the police and the employers (who can easily give lower wages).
  • The overinflated military budget should definitely be cut back. Especially since the Cold War is over.
  • The taxes should be arranged in a real progressive system without all the loopholes and tax cuts available for the wealthy.

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